Club acts to prevent global food catastrophe tied to decrease of bee population

MENIFEE – “The sky is falling again…” according to some scientists and ecologists, and local Democrats find the warnings believable enough to take action said Conrad Melton, President of the Menifee-Perris Valley Democratic Club.   

After noting that highly reputed Greenpeace has launched a world-wide campaign to save the honey bees, Melton brought the issue to his members at their August meeting. 

Cited as evidence of the problem in the United States was a shocking report that last winter 45 percent of all honeybee colonies in the U.S. died.  

Prior to 2005 the normal loss was 5-10 percent, but with the introduction of a new group of pesticides, the numbers shot up dramatically to 30 percent a year and more. 

Those concerned say another yearly loss like the one last year will trigger a catastrophic collapse of our food supply this very next year. 

From flowers to vegetables and chocolate to tequila, pollinators are integral to the planet and the economy. Both our environment and our food supply are tied to the welfare of bees, making the decrease in bee populations a cause for serious concern.

At issue is the newly introduced H.R. 2692, the Save America’s Pollinators Act, which will require suspending certain uses of neonicotinoids until the Environmental Protection Agency reviews these chemicals and makes a new determination about their proper application and safe use.

The European Union has moved forward with restrictions on the use of neonicotinoids. Raising public awareness of the integral role of pollinators to the world, the precarious state of their population, and how to protect them is the goal for the club. Interested persons

may find more information at www.peaceteamnet/action/pnum1131.php.

For information about the Menifee-Perris Valley Democratic Club, call Cindy at (951) 672-2798, or go to

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