Full steam ahead for 2014: Van Avery Prep injects art into ‘STEM’

TEMECULA – What’s “STEM?” It’s an acronym for “science, technology, engineering and math.” Van Avery Prep is injecting creativity into STEM learning by turning STEM into STEAM.

By putting art in the picture, Van Avery Prep (VAP) will go full STEAM ahead in 2014 with science, technology, engineering, art, and math. For American children to grow up to innovate in STEM fields, they need not only academic proficiency, but a healthy dose of creativity and ingenuity as well.

Although students have always been exposed to a complete art curriculum at Van Avery Prep, this year teachers are bringing it to a new level.

With global competition rising, America is at an imperative crossroad in defining its economic future. The principals at VAP believe that art and design are poised to transform our economy in the 21st century in the same way that science and technology did in the last century, and the STEAM movement is an opportunity for students to remain in the forefront as innovators of today’s world.

Middle school students Nicholas Ross, Micah Macarro, and Justin Rhee recently were awarded Best Robot Design at the FTC Competition. The robot had a holonomic drive which allows it to move in all directions.

Van Avery Prep is located at 29851 Santiago Rd. in Temecula.

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