Hemet Unified School District enters into impasse with Hemet Teachers Association

HEMET – The Hemet Unified School District and the Hemet Teachers Association reached an impasse in negotiations Wednesday, March 29, concerning Article 9 salaries. This impasse means that despite their best efforts, the parties were not able to reach an agreement on these articles.

Impasse is essentially an extension of the negotiations process, with the assistance of third parties. For example, the first stage of the impasse process is mediation. The parties have agreed on a mediator to assist the parties in the coming months. The district is hopeful to be able to complete negotiations during mediation, but plan to keep the community informed if they go beyond this stage.

Mediation does not necessarily mean that personal relationships among the teams have broken down. In fact, the overall tenor of negotiations has been professional and collaborative. It is not expected to change merely because the parties have entered a different stage of negotiations.

The district plans to keep the community informed as the process unfolds, and it looks forward to reaching agreement with HTA.

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