Hemet Unified School District leaders believe in the power of learning

HEMET – Learning is not just for kids in a classroom; at Hemet Unified School District, management personnel are using National Institute for School Leadership to gain a better understanding of how the district can better support their students’ various needs.

Over the summer, the district cabinet, which is made up of the superintendent, assistant superintendents and directors, was joined by a couple board members to discuss the tough questions surrounding the district. Staff worked with California State Coordinator Janice Case to discuss areas of improvement and the future of the district. They looked at other high performing schools throughout the country. They looked at what they were doing and what strategies and processes they could implement that would fit the demographics of Hemet’s students and how to align coherence throughout the entire district.

The staff was excited to roll up their sleeves and take a hard look at what strategies would best support the students. Throughout the two-day training, the staff began to look at goals they would like to set going forward and how to improve upon the goals that had already been set. For example, staff within the district is working to ensure students graduate college and are career ready. In order to achieve this goal, the district has to look for all opportunities and support systems that would ensure the success of student learning.

Staff also recognized that questions would come up that may not be as clear to solve. They decided that whenever they were faced with a tough situation, they would ask themselves if this instance would allow students to feel supported and encouraged during their educational journey.

Staff posed questions to each other to determine where there was a need. Staff discussed what challenges school site staff faced and how the district could overcome these challenges. They reviewed case studies that created further discussion on how they could implement specific strategies in schools and open areas of opportunities.

Hemet Unified School District is united more than ever to create a positive learning environment that supports each student.

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