Murrieta Students of the Month honored

MURRIETA – On February 6, the Murrieta Valley Chamber of Commerce High School Student of the Month Recognition Program was held and six students were recognized.

Austin Harcarik

Vista Murrieta High School

Austin has a 4.6 GPA and he will take his passion for learning to Harvard where he will major in chemistry and computer science. Austin is a member of Student Senate and president of his school’s speech and debate team. He loves physics and those who know him say with his compassion and intellect he will change the world for the better. He has served over 300 community service hours as a tutor and at Hospice of the Valley.

Olivia Merkel

River Springs Charter School

Olivia has shown great determination, fortitude and perseverance throughout her school years. In spite of being hearing impaired with an 86 percent hearing loss, Olivia will graduate with honors. Her hearing loss was first diagnosed when she first started school and by that time she had already taught herself to read lips. Olivia is actively involved with the YMCA and with her church youth group. Olivia will attend Grossmont College and she looks forward to pursuing new opportunities in the future.

Jasmin Carrillo

Creekside High School

Jasmin entered Creekside as a junior this year and she has earned the respect of the school’s staff and her teachers. Jasmin is results-oriented and she has taken the initiative to finish her credits so she can graduate early. She plans to go to community college and then transfer to a 4-year university. Jasmin has worked hard to overcome the struggles in her life and she wants to be a social worker to work with young kids who are dealing with some of the same struggles she has faced.

Chantel Tran

Tenaja Canyon Academy

Chantel is a leader and a good example to others. At one point in her life Chantel faced enormous adversity and she came to a fork in the road. Although she didn’t think she would finish school, she faced her fears, made a decision to turn her thinking around, surpassed her goals and will graduate early. Chantel is known for her work ethic, strength and for making other new students at her school feel welcome. She plans to attend MSJC and then transfer to SDSU.

Camille Bell

Murrieta Mesa High School

Camille challenges herself and never settles for less, excelling in everything she does. She has taken rigorous AP classes and is a member of the marching and concert band, the Patriot Club, Pink Ribbon Club, Black Student Union, United Way, and California Scholarship Federation. She also competes in varsity basketball and track. Camille tutors at the Boys and Girls Club and she has earned 140 community service hours. Camille has taken advantage of all the opportunities available to her in high school and she hopes to go to Baylor University.

Rebecca Lam

Murrieta Valley High School

Rebecca is known for being a leader on campus and for her positive attitude. Rebecca has been in JROTC since 9th grade and she is a commanding officer this year. She is Chief Business Officer of Virtual Enterprise and is in the Pink Ribbon Club, National Honor Society and California Scholarship Federation. Rebecca started the Love is Stronger, Louder, Kinder Club to provide support to students who feel or have been bullied and to advocate for suicide prevention. She is dedicated to excellence as evidenced by her 4.2 GPA. Rebecca is on the school’s daily video news announcements and she plans to major in film and television production at Cal Baptist University.

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