Murrieta Students of the Month honored

MURRIETA – Six students were recognized on March 6 by the Murrieta Valley Chamber of Commerce as Students of the Month.

Audrie Minnich

Murrieta Valley High School

Audrie is a hard working student who maintains a 3.9 GPA. She is known for her beautiful smile and upbeat personality. Audrie played varsity soccer and her goal was to go to college on a soccer scholarship and play professional soccer. Two torn ACL’s requiring ACL replacement surgery sidelined her plans. Audrie continued to stay involved in soccer by coaching a youth team which led to the discovery that she loves being a positive influence in children’s lives. Audrie has a passion for science and she plans to attend a private college as a pre-med major and become a pediatrician. Audrie is a member of Link Crew, a mentoring program for ninth graders, and she is also a valued member of the school’s Science Olympiad team which finished in first place this year.

Ben Pollock

Vista Murrieta High School

Ben is ASB Vice President and has a gift for leadership and for relating to people. Ben has a 4.4 GPA and this year he is taking four Advanced Placement classes and two college dual enrollment classes. Ben volunteers with Hospice of the Valley and he is an AVID tutor even though he isn’t in the AVID program. Ben is an exceptional student with a great sense of humor. He has been accepted to UC Berkeley and Stanford and is a candidate for the Regents Scholarship, however he would like to attend UCLA so he can stay in Southern California. Ben plans to study applied math, start his own business and perhaps become a U.S. Senator.

Jacob Fetchko

Oak Grove Center

Jacob is a phenomenal young man who has turned his thinking, his heart and his life around. Jacob struggled with rules and authority and he said years of making bad decisions and surrounding himself with bad people caused him to lose his family and their trust. When he found himself at his lowest point, an aunt and uncle took him in and rescued him. Jacob has learned to surround himself with good people and make good choices. Jacob will graduate in June which was a milestone he didn’t think he would achieve. Since he has cleaned up his life, Jacob has started to dream about his future again. He plans to get training in the field of construction and continue on the path to be an honest, good person.

Stewart Vandlen

River Springs Charter School

Stewart moved to California from Michigan four years ago, leaving the family and friends he had known his whole life behind. Stewart is the school’s journalist and as a member of the IT intern team, he works on the school’s website. Stewart is a kind, compassionate, humble person who has taught himself computer programming, guitar, philosophy and psychology. His depth of thinking and concern about the state of humanity makes him a unique individual. Stewart is co-enrolled at Mt. San Jacinto Community College. He has applied to Grand Rapids University in Michigan and he has been accepted to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Stewart plans to be an English major and he hopes to make a difference in the world.

Victoria Ritua

Calvary Murrieta Christian High School

Victoria has natural athletic ability and she plays volleyball, basketball and runs track and field. School, however, hasn’t been easy for her. In her sophomore year when her grades slipped and she ended up on academic probation, she made the decision to push herself to bring her grades up. Victoria found that her hard work and dedication paid off and she said success comes down to how badly you want something. Victoria says you will only go as far as your own determination will take you. Victoria has been on ASB for three years and she has had a great impact while serving others. She plans to go to college, major in biology and go into pharmaceutical sales.

Oliver Cheng

Murrieta Mesa High School

Oliver is unassuming and humble even though he has a 4.4 GPA, is captain of the tennis team and the top ranked tennis player at his school. Oliver is currently enrolled in six AP classes and he is a member of National Honor Society and California Scholarship Federation. His teachers say he is a gifted public speaker and writer and he has competed in speech contests. Oliver also volunteers in the feeding ministry at his church. Oliver plans to major in economics and go into banking. Oliver said his biggest life lesson came in the 6th grade when he learned the importance of social interaction, engaging with others and forming relationships. Oliver believes the secrets of success are preparation, hard work and learning from failure.

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