Murrieta Valley High students place in national business championships

MURRIETA – The MVHS Virtual Enterprise team “West Coast Races” went to New York City recently to compete in the National Business Plan championships.

The team made it to the finals and finished in 4th place in the nation. Tanner Force (CEO), Rebecca Lam (CBO), Megan Macpherson (CFO), Lauren Bowman (VP Marketing), and Adrika Novak (VP Human Resources) performed at an extremely high level.

Several other students participated in the Global Business Challenge where they were all assigned a different group of students to work with on a Harvard business case.

The students in their groups were from all over the world, so not only did they have to solve the case, but also had to learn to communicate with students who did not have great command of the English language.

The students had two hours to prepare a presentation with their team and present to a panel of judges. The top 6 out of 30 teams made the finals and presented one more time.

Students from Murrieta Valley who participated were Courtney Pease, McKenna Niell, Alec Sellars, Alona Prutch, Brennan Ricker, Anthony Cabral, and Maegan Leitch.

Pease’s team came in 3rd place while Prutch’s team and Sellars’s team made it to the finals.

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