Music recital and art show attracts over 100

WILDOMAR – Bonnie Grummett’s Christmas music recital and art show was held on Dec. 20, 2013 in Wildomar for the 25th year. Beautiful carols were played with piano, guitars, and drums.

With about 120 people in attendance, the students performed admirably with enthusiasm and


The ages of students of Bonnie Grummett, Ann Marie Pipik, and Neal Alan ranged from 4-years-old to 85-years-old.

Those participating included:

Josh Tacorda

Savion Waddell

Edward Dixon

Aaron Miller

Samantha Greener

Amanda Greener

Tori Sanders

Natalie Turner

Phoebe Eddy

Priscilla Ngo

David Ngo

Cecelia Ngo

Cassandra Toscano

Dario Lucchese

Terry Leonardi

Maggi Desphy

Max Desphy

Megan Desphy

Sophie Dowd

Brandon Fuentes

Francis Saspa

Emily Flanagan

Mia Howell

Lilly Garcia

George Mynko

Annabelle Brown

Amy Brown

Anthony Woelky

Chase Sanders

Lauren Santos

Diamond James

Jordan Dehron

Sky Ohlund

Faith Hollister

Rio Salas

Ava Klien 

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