MVUSD announces 2013 Teachers of the Year

MURRIETA – Murrieta Valley Unified School District Assistant Superintendent Pam Wilson announced the names of the district’s 2013 Teachers of the Year: Lacey Aarsvold who teaches Pre-Algebra and Algebra at Warm Springs Middle School, Sue Ackley, a 4th grade teacher at Lisa J. Mails Elementary School and Carol Hernandez, a 7th and 8th Grade Theatre and P.E. teacher at Dorothy McElhinney Middle School.

Lacey Aarsvold teaches Pre-Algebra and Algebra at Warm Springs Middle School and she has been teaching for 20 years. Aarsvold believes every student who walks through her door is capable of learning and achieving great things. She uses a combination of encouragement, prompting, monitoring and respect to help her students understand that math is an essential skill that everyone must acquire in order to survive in life and hold a job. Aarsvold utilizes a variety of teaching methods including hands-on activities, small group instruction, computer programs and assessment tools to verify that students have mastered the concepts.

Sue Ackley teaches fourth grade at Lisa J. Mails Elementary School and she has taught for 25 years. In addition to earning a degree in Graphic Design, Ackley’s Masters was on Integrating Technology in the Classroom. Ackley has been on the district’s Gifted and Talented Education, Literacy and Visual & Performing Arts Committees and she has been a grade level leader.

For the past 18 years Ackley has shared her artistic talent and love for the performing arts with her students. She co-authored the music and lyrics for the school songs at Lisa J. Mails, Buchanan and Rail Ranch Elementary. Ackley has also directed elementary choir and theater groups for the past 18 years. Ackley currently produces two shows a year featuring approximately 75 students. She says the performances transform students’ lives and she enjoys seeing them blossom socially and academically and gain self-confidence.

Carol Hernandez is a seventh and eighth grade Theatre and Physical Education teacher at Dorothy McElhinney Middle School who has been teaching for 19 years. As a Master Teacher, Nationally Board Certified Teacher, Department Chair and Beginning Teacher Support Provider, Hernandez has mentored and trained other teachers. She has also provided staff development on integrating arts into the curriculum, multi-cultural integration and making content comprehensible for English learners. Hernandez is passionate and enthusiastic about the teaching profession which she says is a life style that extends beyond the classroom, evidenced by the work she does with her students before and after school, during lunch and on the weekends.

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