Schools benefit now from bus passes

Effective January 9, the Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) began making it easier for kids to get to school. The Agency began selling passes online and giving parents an incentive for purchasing them. Every time a customer logs on to the RTA web site and purchases a31-day pass, they can donate 5% of their purchase to a participating school.\\"We’re not only making it easier for passengers to purchase RTA bus passes, but we’re giving them an incentive to do so, \\" says RTA Director of Marketing Jim Kneepkens. \\"We already have a number of schools listed on our web site as partners in our Youth Pass Sales Program. That means each oneof them is eligible for a 5% donation for every 31-day pass that we sell online or on their campus.\\"To purchase your RTA bus pass online, visit the RTA web site at For more information about selling RTA tickets and passes on your school’s campus, call (909) 565-5174.

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