Temecula honors Students of the Month

TEMECULA – Six Temecula high school seniors were honored as Students of the Month on March 13 by the Temecula Chamber of Commerce (TVCC). The students were recognized by their families, teachers, principals, the business community, and locally elected officials. This is the 23rd year the TVCC Student of the Month Program has honored students in the Temecula Valley.

Chaparral High School Andrew Tran

Andrew’s science teacher, Mr. Koscielak, nominated Andrew for being his top student for the last two years. Andrew believes he can someday cure Alzheimer’s disease. Andrew’s ambition was influenced by his AP Psychology and AP Biology classes. Andrew plans on getting his undergraduate degree in neuroscience and then enroll in medical school and eventually become a neuropathologist and conduct research on potential cures for Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Great Oak High School Daniela Salazar Monarrez

Daniela moved to the United States when she was just 5-years-old, and moved around the country about three times before moving to Temecula. More than anything, Daniela loves to learn and appreciates the value of diversity and empathy. Aimee Ricken, IB English teacher,

describes Daniela as creative, a leader, motivated, and insightful. Next fall, Daniela is going to the University of Chicago to major in linguistics and minor in computer science.

“I’ve always loved languages and hope to study as many as I can.”

Linfield Christian High

Caden Wakefield

Caden Wakefield comes from a big family in a small home. His attitude is “enjoy everything life has to offer,” and he says he wants to “do as much as I can while I am young.” Caden’s Leadership/ASB teacher Marla Renno says Caden is “responsible, adventurous, and fun” and nominated him for Student of the Month for being “an enthusiastic school leader.” After high school, Caden plans on getting a 4-year degree in business finance and continuing his father’s business.

Rancho Vista High School Jessica Gilbert

Imelda Donnely, Jessica’s APEX Credit Recovery teacher, describes Jessica as “well spoken, respectful, and kind.” She nominated Jessica for Student of the Month because Jessica worked hard turning her life around. Jessica wants to go to college and become a social worker.

Susan H. Nelson High School Miranda Morales

Miranda’s teacher congratulates Miranda for being nominated for Student of the Month. In 2012, Miranda’s junior year, she was a student struggling to pass her courses and in fear of not being able to graduate. After much hard work and a number of months with the program, she overcame her personal and academic struggles, eventually resulting in a complete turnaround. Miranda works full-time and takes ROP courses outside of the program offering and has managed to earn enough credits to graduate


Temecula Valley High School Alisa Knowles

Alisa has lived in Temecula since kindergarten. She has learned in life “to always have a positive attitude.” Anthony Mendez, AP Environmental Science teacher, describes Alicia as “very intelligent, insightful, responsible, and does everything with a smile on her face.” Alisa says she was fortunate to have amazing teachers for AP Biology and AP Chemistry and plans of studying human biology or biochemistry in college. With her “love for science,” Alisa hopes to go into the medical field and help others some day.

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