Vista Murrieta graduates 718 with confidence, charisma, and class – School celebrates tenth anniversary of opening

Vista Murrieta High School’s graduating class of 2013 was filled with talent, as stated by principal Daren Daniel when he addressed nearly 6,000 students, staff, alumni, family and friends during the commencement ceremony on June 7, 2013.

The night celebrated the seventh graduating class of Vista Murrieta in conjunction with the school’s tenth anniversary. Vista Murrieta opened its doors back in 2003.

During his commencement speech, Daniel noted the various achievements and accomplishments the students had reached that included multiple CIF titles, JROTC accolades, AVID program successes, and the awards won by the school’s marching band and color guard.

One hundred and ninety three of the Broncos adorned in white and blue were also either All-Southwestern League or All-Academic Southwestern League champions – the most in school history, according to Daniel.

The tone was altered, however, when Daniel began to address student Leslie Rivera and shared her personal story with the crowd.

Rivera was among the top 50 in her class and was living her life somewhat worry-free as she headed into the last few months of school, as most seniors do. Hanging out with friends, keeping up with her studies, and trying to make the ultimate decision on whether to attend University of California, Berkeley or University of California, San Diego was really the only thing on her mind. That changed when she was diagnosed with leukemia on March 25.

Rivera never imagined that this was how her last days at VMHS would be spent, but the most important thing to her and those that have been behind her, is the fact that she was able to still be present and share her last days of school with her classmates.

Though she did decide on where she will be taking her next steps in life, she will put off attending UCSD for a year until she completes chemotherapy.

Daniel, who will be taking a job at the district level and will leave his position to incoming principal Mick Wager on July 1, dedicated his last speech as principal to Rivera, stating, “Leslie, you are an exemplary Bronco and it has been an honor having you in our lives. I look forward to watching you win the battle you have begun with CLASS.”

Vista Murrieta’s school motto “CLASS – Character, Leadership, Attitude, Scholarship, and Service” is upheld by every student and staff member on campus.

“It’s not something we just talk about; it’s how we live our lives,” said Daniel. “Character, leadership, attitude, scholarship, and service is our mission and the core of our belief system and it is every Bronco’s responsibility to live up to the tenets of CLASS and continue building our tradition of success.”

Principal Daniel went on to tell the attendees that all of the 718 members of the Class of 2013 should be commended. Amongst various challenges, Daniel noted, “the fact that during their four years they had to endure the biggest cutbacks in funding in state history, they made the best of it and persevered. They have done more with less than any other class and on this graduation night you and I are moving on to a new chapter, together.”

Valedictorian Alexander Ni, who will be heading to Cornell University, began his speech with a reference to the social media app Instagram, took a picture of the crowd, and proceeded to enlighten and uplift his classmates as the sun cast behind them.

Fifty Broncos have committed to serving in the military, while 288 are heading to four-year universities. Seventy-three students had a GPA of 4.0 or higher, while 120 students achieved a GPA between 3.5 and 3.99. Thirty student-athletes will go on to play on athletic scholarships.

“Take a moment and look at just how many people are in this stadium to celebrate our accomplishments,” Ni said. “Whatever we face in the future, we are ready.”

Abayan, Raymond John

Abbott, Thomas

Abernathy, Kirsten

Acoba, Shenalin

Acosta, Natalie

Afenir, Joven

Agagas, Jennesh

Aguayo, Liliana

Aguirre, Edith

Ahlers, Julie

Ahmadyar, Gina

Ahmed, Freida

Ailsworth, Kevin

Akbar, Tawhid

Alarcon, Adrienne

Alba, Sheremiah

Alcala, Olivia

Allen, Erika

Allnutt, Annamarie

Almendarez, Cristian

Almodovar, Courtney

Alu, Anthony

Alvarez, Andrea

Alvarez, Ibrahim

Andaya, Ethan

Anderson, Ethan

Anguiano, Dezaree

Aradanas, Nathaniel

Arambula, Julianne

Arellano, Michael

Armendariz, Ashley

Arnold, Gary

Ascencio, Jorge

Aspinall, William

Aulbach, Jordan

Ayer, Emily

Bacon, Daniel

Badore, Danielle

Baird, Cameron

Baker, Angelica

Baker, Kelly

Balady, Bethany

Baltas, Natalie

Bambarger, Robert

Bandy, Korbin

Banting, Christian

Banuelos, Leticia

Bardales, Darem

Barth, Alyssa

Basin, Zachary

Baumgartner, Dylan

Beke, Kerrie Ann

Bellah, Bonnie

Bellah, Matthew

Beltran, Alexis

Benson, Sarah

Beres, Daniel Lee

Bergado, Leslie Ann

Bernay, Christopher

Bernay, Michelle

Berning, Angelica

Bhatt, Chandani

Biehl, Sara

Bjorklund, Kayleen

Black, Anthony

Blades, Kourtney

Blanchard, Aaliyah



Boresoff, Raquel

Bosch, Paul

Bradford, Dexter

Brady, Ramil

Braman, Vince

Bravo, Genevieve

Bravo, Gianna

Brecht, Jared

Brecht, Joshua

Brewer, Thomas

Brooks, Deondrae

Broughton, Treshon

Brown Smith, Mary

Buenaventura, Ayla

Buna, Abigail Marie

Bundalian, Shei Lina

Burlaza, Elena

Burrell, Marve

Burruel, Michael

Bush, Kaelan

Bustillos, Mariah

Caldwell, Keerah

Calhoun, Tatiana

Calloway, Ciara

Camacho, Brittney

Campos, Zachary

Carbonetta Mead, Ian

Carpenter, Veronica

Carpio, Shairah

Carrillo, Anthony

Carver, Justin

Casasus, Mathew

Casillas, John

Cassady, Taylor

Castro, Denisse

Chaar, Roman

Chapman, Dalton

Chapple, AnDriene

Charles, Jonathan

Chavez, Sophia

Choufi, Kenan

Christensen, Spencer

Christopher, Shakir

Chun, Darian

Cid, Daisy

Clark, Aaron

Clark, Garrett

Cleary, Grant

Clements, Kaitlin

Cline, Jessica

Coates, Alyna

Cochran, Phalen

Coelo Cantero, Izabely

Coleman, Emilee

Coleman, Haley

Collins, Christian

Collins, Cristina

Condie, Aubrey

Condino, Jenna

Conrad, Adriele

Cooper, Brianna

Copp, Justin

Cordoba, Guadalupe

Corona, Dan

Coronado, Kimberly

Corsetti, Briana

Cortes, Carmen

Cotter, Riku

Crawford, Jordan

Crawford, Michael

Crisler, Savannah

Crissinger, Amanda

Cruz, Angelina

Cruz, Vandrick

Cuccia, Frank

Cullen, Joseph

Cummings, Sean

Czech, Katie

Dain, Tyler

Dalen, Megan

Danduran Fuller, Robert

Daniels, Brandon

Dao, Andrew

Datil, Kylie

Davis, Samantha

Dayton, Rina

De La Torre, Mariana

Dean, Tyler

DeBold, Ryley

Deguzman, Alyssa Mae

DeGuzman, Neil

DeLaTorre, Karina

DeLeon, Glorianne

Denis, Elizabeth

Dexter, Rachel

Diaz, Austin

Diaz, Krystian

Dimaano, Aeisha

Dinh, Jerry

Dominguez, Mariya

Dorsey, David

Douglas, Joseph

Douglas, Victoria

Doulames, Alexander

Drake, James

Driscoll, Michael

Dubon, Melissa

Dudgeon, Jasmine

Durbin, Marilyn

Eakins, Rhian

Ebaugh, Isaac

Echiverri, John

Eckburg, Melissa

Edwards, James

Elias, Taylor

Ellena, Alyson

Elliott, Jay

Elliott, Kailey

Elomina, Marie Christine

Enfield, Matthew

Espinoza, Susanna

Evangelista, Denise

Evans, Brooke

Faoliu, Tigi

Farias, Kimberly

Farrell, Sergio

Felix, Andres

Fenuku, Foster

Ferrer Soto, Julio

Figueroa, LeaAnne

Fisher, Christin

Fleming, Grant

Flores, Natalie

Fodale, Chloe

Forrester, Thomas

Franco, Daniel

Franco, Matthew

Fredrickson, Jeremy

Freiberg, Holly

Fuentes, Serena

Fuentes Sanchez,


Fulks, Cassady

Gadduang, Maria


Gallardo, Eric

Galvan, Melanie

Galvan, Stephanie

Gamban, Jan Henry

Ganuelas, Tiffany

Garcia, Alexandra

Garcia, Gabriela

Garcia, Jacob

Garcia, Jamie Lynn

Garcia, Joshua

Garcia, Matthew

Garcia, Paloma

Garegnani, Angela

Gariepy, Carolane

Garner, Kyle

Garrett, Steven

Geater, Darius

Gibbs, Daniel

Gidley, Heather

Gijon, Jesus

Gilmore, Connor

Giorgianni, Gabriella

Girgis, David

Glorioso, Paul

Glover, Christian

Goff, Thomas

Gomez, Marissa

Gonzales, Alex

Gonzales, Maximillian

Gonzalez, Adam

Gonzalez, Juan

Gonzalez, Katherine

Gonzalez, Kimberly

Gonzalez, Lauren

Goodrich, Bret

Graves, Maya

Gray, Erin

Green, Heather

Grow, Richard

Guanzon, Rionah

Guerrero, Diego

Guerrero, Norwyn

Guevarra, Michelle

Guimaraes, Amanda

Gutierrez, Stephanie

Gutting, Sarah

Guyett, Samantha

Guza, Eda

Guzman, Kevin

Hackett, Kayla

Hadweh, Ashley

Hagan, Alexa

Haider, Fahad

Hall, John

Halvorson, Dale

Hanhardt, Codi

Hardy, Forest

Harke, Alissa

Harris, Jasmine

Harris, Jazmyn

Harris, Priscilla

Hart, Haily

Hartness, Summer

Harvey, Taylor

Hassan, Shabnam

Haywood, Naleesa

Heinrich, Nicholas

Held, Rachel

Henning, Anna

Henretta, Maxwell

Henry, Dwayne

Henry, Luke

Henry Chavez, Alana

Hernandez, Albert

Hernandez, Carolina

Hernandez, Diana

Hernandez, Isabel

Hernandez, John


Hesson, Garrett

Hiley, Deonte

Hill, Bezhawn

Hodak, Desiree

Holcomb, Chelsea

Holloway, Julian

Honda, Nathaniel

How, Nicholas

Howard, Natalie

Hu, Joyce

Hudkins, Madison

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Inopea, Robert

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Iresare, Jethro

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Jones, Malik

Jones, Phillip

Jones Washington, Paul

Jones Washington,


Joya Tolentino, Ivan

Justice, Alexandria

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Kaliher, Emmalee

Keele, Steven

Keeler, Anthony

Kelly, Sarena

Kemble, Holly

Keys, Dylan

Khounphithack, Michelle

Kim, Christine

Knopik, Taylor

Kouv, SivChheng

Kraemer, Sarah

Kring, Kayla

Kubski, Alexandria

Kuether, Kyle

Lafferty, Alison

Lao, Arnold

Larson, Larissa

Lashley, Anthony

Lau, Cameron

Lauvray, Andrew

Lawless, Caralina

Layton, Amanda

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Lee, Sean

Leith, Carissa

Lemay, Joseph

Levesque, Iliana

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Linstrom, Katelyn

Lippelgoos, Sabrina

Liu, Yu

Lloyd, Sharyl

Lobnow, Kevin

Loche, Alessandro

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Longnecker, Dennis

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Lopez, Valeria

Lyons, Destini

Lyons, Maximilian

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Manoogian, Kaitlyn

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Muro Contreras, Ines

Musser, Matthew

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Nacpil, Ryan Francis

Nael, Sara

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Nelson, Spencer

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Yup, Bryar

Zakhar, Michael

Zapata, Justin

Zick, Nathan

Zorotovich, Jeremy

JP Raineri contributed to this article.

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