Hundreds participate in Trump protest


PALM SPRINGS – An estimated 350 people participated in a vigil and march in Palm Springs Saturday protesting Donald J. Trump’s election as president.

The demonstration began at 5:30 p.m. with a candlelight vigil at Frances Stevens Park at Palm Canyon Drive and Alejo Road. Protesters then marched along the sidewalk of Palm Canyon Drive through the downtown shopping district.

Marchers chanted “Not my president,” “Love Trumps hate” and “I reject the president-elect,” as they marched and drivers honked in support, The Desert Sun newspaper reported.

They carried signs saying “One People, One Planet, One Love,” “Not My President” and “Love Not Hate.”

Officers attended the march at the request of organizers “to keep us safe because of all the threats and harassment that’s been received since starting this event,” organizers posted on Facebook.

Organizers said they held the march because they viewed Trump’s election as “a major setback to minorities, women, the LGBT community, intellectualism and common decency.

“This event is to express our pain and anger in order to move forward in peace, solidarity and action,” organizers posted on the march’s Facebook page. “We will not be silenced by hate.”

Anti-Trump protests have sprung up around the world since his victory Tuesday, including Saturday in downtown Los Angeles, where an estimated 10,000 people marched about four miles from MacArthur Park to downtown.

2 Responses to "Hundreds participate in Trump protest"

  1. pablissimmo   November 14, 2016 at 3:41 pm

    crybabies llost and can’t handle defeat. Yupper Obama and all his minions along with Obamacare, the Iran deal and having no federal budget in place since 2007 is a gonner. Sorry if you want some tissues CVS is open 24 hours. Get a lfe. Get over it.

  2. Preston   November 15, 2016 at 12:34 pm

    Add up every protester in the Country (some of whom are illegals) and what do you get?
    Not much… and please don’t give me that malarkey about the “popular vote” as our founding fathers were ingenious. We should be thanking them daily for coming up with the Electoral College and protecting the hardest working Americans (that live in the rural states) from the inner city Government Klingon Dependents. And please lets remember that the Electoral College was was also put in place to protect us from idiots that have no business voting.
    So, I say to the 350 that participated in the Trump Protest… Get a life, move on, the election is over….Perhaps there will be a job in your future.


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