Artists, musicians, actors to collaborate in Project 36

If you live in and around the area of Temecula you are invited to participate in a new and exciting genre: Project 36. Project 36 is a collaboration of local artists, playwrights, actors, musicians, and composers. Playwrights involved with Theatre Arts West (TAW) Project 36 are looking at artwork of local artists for inspiration.

Each playwright will select one piece of art by one artist thereby giving ten artists an opportunity to have their work showcased during our Project 36 event. Each playwright will write a five minute monologue that the art piece inspires.

TAW is also looking for local composers. Each composer will write a short piece of music inspired by a piece of art. Ten actors will be cast. Each actor will perform the monologue written by one of the playwrights.

Individual musicians will perform the work created by a composer. Project 36 will take place on April 24 at The Merc in Temecula with a possible second showing at a winery with a further possibility of becoming a traveling show.

If you are a gallery and would like for your artists to be considered, e-mail TAW a confirmation with your address and days and times open.

If you are an individual artist represented by a gallery, e-mail us the address of the gallery and days and times open.

If you are an individual artist with no gallery representation but have a studio, e-mail TAW your address and days and times open.

If you are an individual artist with no studio, e-mail your website.

If you have none of the above, e-mail photos of your work with contact information.

We would like to be able to arrange a day and time to bring all of the playwrights to galleries and studios at one time after Feb.27 – the date of our production of Boomers Rock at The Merc – and before March 1 so that the playwrights can begin to work on their monologues.

Gailee Walker Wells is the Artistic Director at Theatre Arts West in Temecula. She may be reached at [email protected] For more information, visit

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  1. Gailee Walker Wells   February 23, 2013 at 1:23 pm

    Jodi Thomas and The Valley News are so supportive of growing local arts. If you read The Valley News or the Anza Outlook and have a business, advertise with these papers.


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