Brewen’s Empire Trolley offers up a fun way to tour Temecula’s Wine Country

Brewen Empire Trolley guests load into the tour bus, which will take them throughout Temecula Wine Country. Courtesy photo
Brewen Empire Trolley guests load into the tour bus, which will take them throughout Temecula Wine Country. Courtesy photo

Visiting Temecula Wine Country can be a blast, but when drinking several wine tasting flights, traveling to more than one winery can be tricky. However, Brewen’s Empire Trolley provides the perfect solution with its winery tours.

Unlike some tour groups offered throughout wine country, Brewen’s tours are offered in classic 32-passenger Boyertown and Molly trolleys, which proudly boast wood seats and brass bells. Stops are made at some of Temecula’s most popular wineries, and sparkling wine and wines are available to enjoy throughout the tour.

As a longtime resident of Temecula Valley, and with over 20 years of event planning experience, founder, owner and operator, Amy Brewen has a thorough knowledge of the Inland Empire, including all its quality venues, events and vineyards.

Because of the lovely weather and backdrop, the Brewen tours are perfect for the whole family. Children are welcome to ride on the trolley and enjoy the scenic vineyards, so there is no reason to leave the family behind while the parents enjoy a trip to taste wine.

The entire staff at Brewen’s Empire Trolley is dedicated to creating a unique and memorable experience while touring Temecula’s wine country. This comes from Brewen’s stance on providing the best experience possible for guests.

In addition to daily tours through the Temecula Wine Country, Brewen’s tours may soon include dinner tours, wine and food pairings, beer and brewery tours, and unique holiday events that are tailored to celebrate each holiday. The tour trolleys can also be chartered by large groups, for weddings and birthdays as well, so there are various ways to individualize the experience.

There are a wide array of tour options for individuals to choose from, depending on what the guests are interested. Brewen’s is the only company to offer a sit-down lunch on their daily tour experiences. Guests are welcome to select an entree from a select menu. The wine tours include tastings (which, if all drank, equate up to more than a bottle of wine), glasses, and discounts to the wineries visited.

Brewen’s wine tour packages include the grand cru, which includes a six-hour guided tour by a certified wine specialist to four wineries and Old Town Temecula; the premium wine excursion, which includes a five-hour guided tour to four wineries; and the setting the standard tour, which includes a five-hour guided tour to three wineries and Old Town.

Other offerings include the lunch and transport option, which allow guests to catch a ride on the trolley for an hour or the day and partake of the wineries as they choose. In addition, guests can enjoy the exclusive table side lunch with linen service provided by Brewen’s Empire Trolley. For those who simply want to take a ride on a beautiful trolley, the Boot option is a transport only option that gives guests a chance to catch a ride on the trolley for an hour or the day, while partaking of the wineries as they choose. This is a great option for people who would like to plan out their own eating and tasting schedule.

While there are many options to choose from while visiting Temecula’s wine country, Brewen’s Empire Trolley is a unique way to enjoy everything that the area has to offer.

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