Comedy show to benefit food bank in Temecula, Feb. 21

TEMECULA – While most people elect to keep quiet about an illness or hide from others, Tim Sweeney freely discusses it with the media, friends, family and even people at the grocery store. Even though he hasn’t been able to accomplish his goal of getting every man, women and child in Temecula to become registered organ donors, he has been able to get thousands in town and across the country to register.

To accomplish this, Sweeney has taken on of the most unusual approaches. With the support of the city and the Old Town Community Theater, Sweeney has been putting on a series of comedy shows. His shows are a unique blend of inspirational, motivational stories of his own misadventures throughout life and from his travels across the country all set in a living room style setting.

His upcoming show on February 21 – entitled, “Thank God I Didn’t Marry Or End Up With…” – takes us through all those crazy choices we made during past relationships and Sweeney personally almost married a bank robber.

Each show is brand new and one night only and most importantly, supports a different local charity in the area that needs help. A unique insight into this particular show is that Sweeney’s doctors needed him to have surgery earlier this month to slow down his progressing terminal illness but he told them that “comedy comes before


He believes his show on February 21 is more important to the local food bank it will support and the ongoing and developing relationships his audience has with each other than the additional pain and suffering his advancing terminal illness reminds him of


Join Sweeney on February 21 at 7 p.m. Tickets are available at and at the Old Town Community Theater box office.

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