See Country’s Rising Star–Elizabeth Huett–this Friday at Mt. Palomar Winery

On her way to Los Angeles to record her first album with international label Interscope Records, Elizabeth Huett has returned to Riverside County to launch her new career as a country solo artist.

“It’s a really cool time. I’m headed into LA to record today (with Interscope). I signed with them just before Christmas and now we’re making records,” she said. “It’s surreal.”

Huett was born and raised in Riverside, and adopted into a large family.


“I moved to Nashville 8 years ago this month, and the past is leading me right back here,” she said. “My parents are so happy. I can’t get home enough. I’m the only one of my siblings who moved away from home, so often I’m out of the loop. It’s nice to have a job that what I do enables me to come to southern California.”

She is a song writer at the core, and life blends with the music she makes, including the path from last year’s engagement, now broken off.

“If you want details on that, you’ll have to hear the songs!” she laughed. “Seriously, I do a lot of co-writing, and every song we’ve chosen for the album so far, I’ve had a hand in writing.”

On the album, so far Interscope and Huett have selected six—two ballads about the mutual decision to break off her wedding engagement.

“We both knew it wasn’t right, we tried, but I knew it wouldn’t work,” she said. “That was the inspiration for many songs.”

Elizabeth Huett's Instagram feed is full of images that showcase a young woman's road to stardom.
Elizabeth Huett’s Instagram feed is full of images that showcase a young woman’s road to stardom.

Other tunes are more upbeat, about her Nashville friends and going out, another an anthem for her fellow Jurupa Valley High School friends.

“There are six of us still close from my graduating class,” she said. A class of 2005 Jurupa Valley grad, Huett gives credit to social media for staying connected.

“Thank heaven for social media, allowing us to stay in touch!” she said.

Rounding out the album will be songs that are light hearted, fun tunes to play with the windows down, belting out, blasting the radio.

“Feel good music,” she said. “My west coast band and I will be playing them all this Friday at Mount Palomar Winery’s Heyday Productions concert.”

There are still tickets to the Temecula Valley Wine Country show, available through

Elizabeth Huett on the road again, (Courtesy)
Elizabeth Huett on the road again, (Courtesy)

“I love performing in Temecula, California. These are my people—the vibe in southern California is a full circle for me,” she said. “The wineries are beautiful.”

Huett loves having familiar faces in the audiences, as well as meeting new fans, new friends.

“It feels good to come back to where you started from, plus it will be good to see the fruits of my labor pay off.”

She has put both heart and soul into writing songs for herself.

Though she’s sang since she could talk, voice lessons started at 7-years-old, and guitar playing came when she was in her early 20s.

“I started playing guitar because I wanted to be a better song writer,” she said. “I got tired of waiting for other people to bring my songs to life, and the guitar is a good instrument to have, plus, it adds to the live show.”

Formerly a backup singer for Taylor Swift, Huett considers the international recording artist sensation her mentor in many ways an inspiration.

“Taylor Swift is very supportive,” she said. “Taylor told me that I was born to be an artist, and to go spread my wings—She remains an inspiration… she was my boss, we’re good friends and I admire her work effort and her art. It’s awesome to know that I have her support.”

When you come to Mount Palomar Winery on Friday at 6 p.m., expect to hear a full set of mostly Elizabeth Huett originals, including the song she wrote for Sara Evans—“Put my heart down,” as well as a few covers of her favorite tunes.

“We’ll play some Eagles, Tom Petty, and a few other covers that the crowd will know,” she said. “Heyday Events—and Robert and Trina Walker—are amazing. I wanted to come back here, and carry on in my career, to work with people you love and who treat you well. They take good care of me and my band every time we come through. They are awesome people to have in my story.”

Huett attributes her success to hard work, and blessings, as well as the constant support of her family.

“I wake up every day with an enormous amount of gratitude, a desire to apply myself,” she said. “When God opens the door, you’ve got to walk through it confidently. I still can’t believe that I get to do this. I knew that I loved music and had a knack for it, and you’ll never know unless you try.”

For tickets, visit For more information on Elizabeth Huett’s music, visit Elizabeth Huett over Facebook or Instagram.

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