‘Frankenstein’ comes to life at Pennypickle’s Workshop in Old Town Temecula

TEMECULA – He’s alive! The community is invited to help celebrate the 200th anniversary of the publication of Mary Shelley’s book “Frankenstein,” 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 20-21, and to play with monsters, robotics, electricity and all things Frankenstein-ish at the Frankenstein200 Laboratory of Innovation and Fantastical Exploration in Pennypickle’s Workshop Temecula Children’s Museum.

Spend each day toying with tons of hands-on fun and wacky experimentation. If guests come dressed like Dr. Frankenstein, they will get a special treat from the professor.

Guests will participate in hands-on science activities that explore Frankenstein’s legacy in the 21st century, such as teaching a robot how to draw, experimenting with simple machines or even bringing their own “creature” to life. Guests will confront the same questions and ideas that perplexed the fictional Dr. Victor Frankenstein on a dark and stormy night two centuries ago through exploration, discovery and critical thinking.

Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” is rapidly approaching its 200th anniversary, but its themes continue to resonate in this technological age and to raise new, complex questions about the nature of life, human being’s role as creators and the responsibility assigned to care for the things brought into the world. Pennypickle’s Workshop, in partnership with the National Science Foundation and Arizona State University, will present the Frankenstein200 – L.I.F.E. Laboratory to engage audiences in using their creativity, in exploring current and emerging topics in science and technology and in considering what it means to be a responsible innovator.

“Frankenstein emerged in a moment of great social and technological change,” Pat Comerchero, Pennypickle’s Workshop founder and executive director, said. “Similarly, through today’s incredible scientific advances, we all have the power to create and transform the world around us. Frankenstein200 – L.I.F.E. Laboratory will give children and their families a fresh perspective on emerging technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence while they are playing with science. We promise lots of fun for kids of all ages at this exciting event.”

Frankenstein200 – L.I.F.E. Laboratory is part of the nationwide Frankenstein200 project, led by Arizona State University and distributed in collaboration with the National Informal STEM Education Network. Throughout 2018, events like those hosted by the Friends of the Temecula Children’s Museum will be paired with an interactive digital narrative and a set of at-home maker activities that reimagine “Frankenstein” for 21st century audiences.

Pennypickle’s Workshop is located at 42081 Main Street in Old Town Temecula and can be reached at (951) 308-6376. More information can be found at www.pennypickles.org and www.Frankenstein200.org.

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