Galway Downs hosts prestigious equestrian competition

Galway Downs hosted its 2012 international three-day equestrian event from November 1-4. The event, which can be considered an “equestrian triathlon,” included dressage, cross country, and show jumping.

The dressage day involves a series of intricate tasks that the horse must perform within an enclosed arena. The next day, the horse must gallop a course of 2.75-4 miles, encountering obstacles along the way. The final day, the horses must complete a course including a series of jumps marked by colored bars.

James Allsiton won the Galway Downs CCI3 Division with his horse Tivoli, while Lauren Billys won the CCI2 Division with her horse Ballingowan Ginger and Julie Flettner won the CCI1 Division with her horse Ping Pong.

Riders from around the world, including countries such as Canada, Britain, Australia, as well as the United States, gathered to compete in the prestigious competition. Galway Downs had 18 divisions, spanning from CCI3 to Open Novice.

Competitors competed as individuals and as teams and whoever had the lowest score won the competition. Riders were scored based on a horse’s stamina, obedience to the rider, harmony with the rider, and skill.

The Galway Downs event brought riders to Temecula for international competition and cooperation.

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