Local artist Diana Rein earns Grammy consideration

Blues artist Diana Rein performs during the Temecula Valley Music Awards. Mary Mehrmand photo
Blues artist Diana Rein performs during the Temecula Valley Music Awards. Mary Mehrmand photo

Chloe Curtis

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Employing a modern twist on the traditional blues sound, singer Diana Rein has earned a following through her music. The artist has already gained much recognition for her work after not only snagging several awards, but by being nominated for a Grammy as well.

As a little girl, Rein was taken to a blues club where her uncle was performing with a band. During the night, Rein was brought on to the stage where she improvised alongside what the band was playing. This marked one of her first experiences being introduced to the blues scene and from there it has had a lasting effect on her style as an artist.

Rein also found inspiration through listening to other artists like BB King, Jimi Hendrix and guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan. She found the conviction that Vaughan played with to be inspiring and was instantly hooked. While these artists have all certainly influenced Rein, she shared that they have mainly served as a guide for her music. Rein builds her songs organically and bases their development on what comes out as she plays.

Blues artist and Menifee resident Diana Rein’s album “Long Road” was nominated for a Grammy award. Courtesy Photo
Blues artist and Menifee resident Diana Rein’s album “Long Road” was nominated for a Grammy award. Courtesy Photo

Although Rein did not produce an album until her mid-20s, she already had significant experience in the industry as an actress. She began acting as a young child and even appeared in the movie Home Alone, playing as “Sondra McCallister,” cousin to Macaulay Culkin’s character, Kevin, in the film. She spent most of her life acting but eventually moved to California after producing her first album in Chicago and has focused primarily on music ever since.

The talent and passion that Rein radiates was recently acknowledged in a big way as she received Grammy consideration for her album, “Long Road.” The piece was nominated for Best Contemporary Blues album, and although it did not officially make it on the ballot, Rein said that it was just an honor to be nominated. Being recognized by her community has served as additional encouragement for Rein’s career.

“I have wanted this my entire life and I have been waiting to make an album until I was on my feet with playing guitar. All my hard work has paid off and been validated,” Rein said following her nomination.

Music is powerful and Rein encourages that everybody play some sort of instrument due to the positive effects it has on the brain and one’s health. Appreciating music can wreak many benefits as well and Rein has found some of the strongest support through her followers.

“Blues fans are like none other,” she said. “They want to see you succeed and are very supportive.”

Aside from her nomination, Rein took home several wins at the 2016 Los Angeles Critics Awards for Best Blues Artist, Best Female CD and Fan Favorite. The outpour of support has sent many opportunities for Rein and allowed her to continue sharing her talent with others.

As the new year begins, Rein has countless performances lined up. Between Jan. 19 and 22, she is set to play tentatively at the D and A Guitar Gear booth for the NAMM show, at the Anaheim Convention Center. Rein will also be taking the stage at the Temecula Valley Music Awards Winners Showcase Jan. 28 at Bel Vino Winery, performing at 6 p.m.

Through these events, Rein directly shares her love for music but she is particularly excited to be organizing her own tour. In this upcoming year, Rein will feature her original music in her tour, One Woman Tour 2017.

Rein continues to take advantage of these opportunities as it is not only something that she thoroughly enjoys, but because she hopes to inspire others the same way certain artists have done for her.

As Rein continues to develop her music career in the following months, fans and new listeners alike may refer to her social media to stay updated on each new endeavor she takes. The singer can be found on Twitter and Instagram as @dianarein, and on www.facebook.com/dianareinmusic. Her fan website, www.dianarein.com, is also filled with upcoming show dates, a biography on the artist, and other merchandise.

Individuals have several chances to see this local rising star and the energy she invests into each song and performance as the new year approaches.

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