Local community improvement project comes full circle

HEMET – “What goes around comes around,” is a common saying. That phrase aptly describes the Hemet Woman’s Club’s current community improvement project. The club will be raising funds to furnish a children’s outside activities center. They will work with the Hemet Public Library and the city of Hemet to expand an already existing area where the community’s children can explore science, gardening, arts and crafts, storytelling and reading under the direction of the library’s staff.

Club member Jean Wilmart found club records from the 1950s that show the Hemet Woman’s Club had a one year community achievement project as the forerunner of the club’s current two year community improvement project. In the years 1957-58, Club President Mrs. V.S. Hoopes and members accepted the C.A.P. project to furnish the new children’s reading and music room.

Archived documents showed that the project lead to much needed items and furnishings gifted to the president of the library board. Many club volunteer hours were spent helping library staff prepare for the opening of the children’s reading and music room. The expenditures amounted to over 250 hours of labor and a monetary expense of approximately $1,200. In 1958, $1,200 had the same buying power as $9,994.01 in 2016. It was a great improvement to the limited resources of the library board and a great enjoyment to library patrons.

The Hemet Woman’s Club legacy lives on. The club plans on holding two fundraising events in 2017. Proceeds from these events will go toward the club’s community improvement project. On Saturday, Jan. 14, a Bowling for the Kids event will take place at AMF Hemet Lanes from 1-4 p.m. On Saturday, March 4, the Ramona Playhouse fundraiser will take place at 7:30 p.m. Members also volunteer hours for the Friends of the Library book store, general library upkeep, and book readings at the children’s library. The Hemet Woman’s Club encourages the community to join them in supporting the children’s activities center and continuing the legacy of the Hemet Woman’s Club in providing service and fundraising for worthy causes around the Hemet and San Jacinto valleys.

Visit the Hemet Woman’s Club website at www.hemetwomansclub.org for more information.

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