Local musician Rob Gregori releases debut album

It’s about to get a whole lot more harmonious in the Temecula Valley.

Inspired by emotions and their reasoning’s, independent singer-songwriter Rob Gregori has opened up about his upcoming pop album “Layer 1”.

So far, Gregori has written twenty-four songs, and each of them will be featured in three different albums in the coming months.

“The first album is called “Layer 1” because it is referring to certain emotions; specifically, the emotions we go through in our day to day lives,” he explained. “It’s generally upbeat, but with some mellow tones as well.”

Gregori first began playing the organ, and then moved on to the piano, he admires Beethoven and Mozart, but what ultimately fires his creativity muse, is something much rawer.

“My muse isn’t any particular person; it’s more of just love. Whenever I feel emotion, it really inspires me to write a song about it,” Gregori said. “Love can take a million different forms, from the love that I have for my father, to the love I have for a crush.”

Gregori does, however, have artists today that he very much admires, such as Natalie Merchant, and Peter Gabriel.

“I love the honesty that comes through their music. When you’re writing, it’s easy to embellish what you’re feeling, but it’s surprisingly hard to be honest and not sugarcoat your emotions,” he said.

Gregori’s album “Layer 1” will be available for purchase on iTunes beginning September 19. His upcoming albums include “Layer 2” and “Layer 3” with themes about love and past childhood memories.

For more information on Gregori, check out his website www.robgregori.com. For booking details, email him at [email protected]

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