Local talent Joanna Pearl brings so much to the area

“I started singing because of Mariah Carey, but I kept with it because of my grandma,” local singer Joanna Pearl proclaimed with a big warm smile. Joanna continued to explain how she owes a lot of who she is and what she does to her grandmother.

According to Pearl, her grandmother would always encourage her, not only to follow her dreams but to be the best person she could be. That’s why when her grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003 she was more determined than ever to realize her goals as a singer/songwriter. She moved from Canyon Lake to Temecula to be closer to her grandmother in her time of need. “Never give up your efforts to be the best at what you do, but most importantly never give up your efforts to be the best person you can be,” is what Joanna’s grandmother would often tell her.

The gifted singer honed her craft all the while looking after her grandmother throughout her cancer treatment. After a grueling battle with the disease, Joanna’s grandmother succumbed to the disease in 2005 leaving Joanna devastated. After a period of grieving she realized that music was the one thing that filled the place her wonderful grandmother once held. Joanna got back to work and 7 years, 2 producers and several tours later, her EP “Sensitive Material” was born.

“Ever since my EP release party things have been moving at light speed,” exclaimed Joanna when asked how things were currently going. Sticking to the theme of being a good singer and even better person Joanna donated a large portion of the proceeds from the EP release party (which included a silent auction and raffle) to Michelle’s Place Breast Cancer Resource Center. She worked with Bob Caruso of Union Bank and Wilson Creek Wineries.

Joanna volunteers as much as she can. Even with the schedule of an up-and-coming star she finds time to give to organizations like Oak Grove and The Susan G. Komen Foundation. Whenever she can, she also donates a portion of what she makes to as many local and national charities as she can. She says Michelle’s Place is the one that’s closest to her heart because her grandmother would have loved it so much.

If the saying, ”you get what you give” is true then it’s no surprise that Joanna is taking ITunes by storm and just won “Adult Contemporary Album of the year” at the LA Music Awards. She was actually nominated for two other awards as well: “Adult Contemporary Artist” and “Female Vocalist of the Year,” making it a stellar time in her career. Even with the incredible success Joanna has experienced this year she remains humble. Joanna asserted in her usual sunny tone, “I grew up in the Valley so I’ll always give back here.”

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