Mt. San Jacinto College announces Fine Arts Gallery exhibit: ‘Don’t Touch the Art; Let the Art Touch You’

SAN JACINTO – The Mt. San Jacinto College Fine Arts Gallery, 1499 N. State Street, is proud to announce its new exhibition “Don’t Touch the Art, Let the Art Touch You: Art on loan from the Knuth Collection and Art Book Study Library.” The exhibit will be on display Monday through Thursday, March 6, to April 13 at the San Jacinto Campus Art Gallery, Building 1400, from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

John Knuth is the curator of the MSJC Fine Arts Gallery and has been collecting art and art books for the past 20 years. This show is a special opportunity to see diverse work by an international group of artists including Anders Brinch, Alexander Calder, Meg Courtney, Fritz Chesnut, Sarah Cromarty, Justin Hansch, Julian Hoeber, Cody Hudson, Daniel Johnston, James Krone, Rachel Mason, Ryan McIntosh, Jeffry Mitchell, Ry Rocklen and Michael Smoler.

Visitors to the gallery are invited to page through the large collection of Knuth’s art books. These range from an Andy Warhol monograph, to a “catalogue raisonne” on John James Audubon, to one-of-a-kind Xeroxed punk zines. One of the paintings in the show depicts a comfortable arm chair placed within a verdant garden scene. Lush plants and buds look ready to flower and overgrow the sensible piece of furniture. This painting can be seen as a metaphor for the entire show, which encourages visitors to get comfortable, sitting at the art book study table and taking in the paintings and sculptures surrounding them. Like the plants in Courtney’s painting, the gallery hopes that the artwork in the space will bloom and grow around the viewer.

For more information, contact John Knuth at (951) 487-3585 or [email protected].

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