Murrieta gallery unites young artists with new audience

Video by Vania Fune and Chauncy Miller


All people supporting art, culture, and community engagement—it’s a simple mission statement for the grand ideas housed at 41679 Date St. in Murrieta.

Located in a tranquil business park is the nonprofit Dial Collective, a federation of budding artists, musicians, and all manner of the creatively inclined coming together to host public exhibitions of local work.

Their agenda, which runs year round, includes a quarterly Gallery Night, named for the carefully-appointed assortment of pieces adorning every surface of their humble warehouse.

Hundreds funneled through on Saturday July 26, observing intricately detailed paintings, bold, colorful drawings and pieces built from wood and clay.

Art Director Brandon Watkins noted, from “pen, ink to oil, acrylic, and even the grain of skateboard grip tape” the sky is the limit on the materials available to make an impact.

He took pride in the open door policy on participation as he shared that contributors are “people attending previous Dial events, shows of sister spaces in San Diego and L.A. to simply friend referrals and those reaching out on Facebook.”

No judging panel existed in this realm, just a genuine desire to tell a story and continue a growing discussion if necessary.

A hope of Co-Director Samuel Palacios is a space effectively accommodating “a little bit of everything, enabling people to get a better understanding of what art can be and what appeals to them personally.”

Believed to be accomplished through training and discipline, art is at its best a conversation piece and the spirit of critical dialogue is the current running through Gallery nights and events beyond.

Founded in 2010, by Collective President Kyle Napalan and a small group of peers, The Dial was conceived as a safe space for the youth of Murrieta and surrounding cities to view local bands perform.

Yet Napalan pointed out that by word of mouth it has grown into a place “to foster talent across all mediums, cultivate identity, and give youth who wouldn’t have a chance to occupy a conventional gallery, a wall of their own to share and partake in natural forms of inspiration.”

For those looking to hone their skills, whether for writing, painting, film, and the list goes on, it is paramount that they be encouraged. This night and every initiative begun at the Dial seeks to draw those voices, opinions, and passions out. You can learn more about The Dial Collective at and

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