Over 500 fans attend Wine Town Rollers’ first home team season bout

TEMECULA – The Wine Town Rollers (WTR), Temecula Valley’s first and only roller derby league, hosted their debut home team season bout with more than 500 fans in attendance this past Saturday,

Feb. 1 at Epic Rollertainment.

The bout pitted the spicy women of the Margarita Hot Sprints against the sassy ladies of the Winchester Rivals with the Margarita Hot Sprints skating away with the win and an official score of 218 to 172.

Saturday, Feb. 1 was no ordinary Saturday for the Wine Town Rollers and will go down in league history. The day started off with the induction of 42 new skaters at 8 a.m. at Margarita Park, the largest group since the fledging league started practices in late 2012.

In order to facilitate the influx of so many Raisinettes (what the league fondly calls their newbies), they implemented a buddy program that pairs a veteran league skater with a Raisinette.

The Raisinette is encouraged to ask their “buddy” questions that can range from skate maintenance to how to get the dreaded tomahawk stop down. The buddy is asked to be available to their Raisinette throughout their 12-week program that also teaches them how to skate, stop, fall, jump, give and take a hit, and ultimately be safe and effective on eight wheels.

After a monumental practice, many members of the league barely had enough time to go home and get ready for the night’s main event which included setting up, managing, and for some, in addition to all of the above, competing and officiating in the evening’s first home team season bout as modern day roller derby leagues are managed and ran by the skaters themselves.

First whistle was at 7 p.m. and the score was close for most of the bout. Besides epic displays of athleticism, sportsmanship and courage from skaters on both teams, the crowd was entertained with a half-time show by Marine Sandpiper, derby educated by announcer, the-illreverendMic, and had the opportunity to win some amazing raffle prizes. Next home team bout is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, March 1 and will feature the Hit Bosses vs. the

Winchester Rivals.

For additional information or details including when their travel team, the Whine Makers, play and for other league events, visit winetownrollers.com.

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