Rocking T Ranch teaches horsemanship in a fun family, friendly setting

Olivia Joy Wade, 7, enters the arena riding "Sugar" for a lesson at Rocking T Ranch in Temecula. Shane Gibson photo
Olivia Joy Wade, 7, enters the arena riding “Sugar” for a lesson at Rocking T Ranch in Temecula. Shane Gibson photo

Carol Tice and her husband Jim have been teaching those ages three to adults the art of horsemanship since 1982 at Rocking T Ranch. Caring for horses has been Carol’s passion since she was a child and now she is sharing that passion with others in the Temecula Valley.

“I love to share that passion, that fun and that accomplishment of riding and caring for horses,” she said.

It was that passion that led to the dream of Rocking T Ranch becoming a reality. Tice provides yearlong horse riding lessons for people of all ages and offers a variety of other services at her new ranch conveniently located on Nichols Road in Temecula.

Lessons at the ranch are tailored to the riders’ needs as the instructors attempt to set goals for beginners and allow them to further continue their interests or talents within the programs offered. For those who have already acquired riding skills, lessons are customized to help them advance on their current strengths while improving on weaknesses.

“The lessons that we provide are on horses that allow students to develop whatever skills they want to further their current riding or start a riding career to fulfill a dream they might have,” Carol Tice explained in a recent interview. “I probably have an equal balance of adults and children when it comes to my students.”

Rocking T Ranch’s barns offer horse training, monitored foaling and lay-up stalls. Medical outpatient care and vacation stalls are also available.

“I have a lady whose horse couldn’t take the fireworks where she lived so the horse came to Rocking T Ranch,” Tice said. “we do specialty stuff like that as well as mare and foals.”

Tice said that she likes to offer options to horse owners in the community because those options fill a need that many horse owners have expressed searching for an being unable to find.

“My husband and I both really enjoy that kind of work,” she said. “I know many people who board their dogs when they go on vacation and horse owners have that same need, which gives them peace of mind.”

Tice said her husband fell into the medical side of the business of foaling by working with someone who tended to racing quarter horses.

“He was her helper and learned quite a bit about it,” she said. “As you know there is nothing more fun than having a baby anything running around, so it is really fun.”

Rocking T Ranch offers turnout pens, wash stalls and a clean restroom with shower and viewing areas. Boy Scout and Girl Scout field trips where scouts can earn merit badges and privately scheduled group educational sessions are offered by qualified ranch staff. For scouts and other groups, Rocking T Ranch offers lectures, field trips, hands on activities and paper handouts that can be custom designed for specific group needs.

“Western, cowboy and traditional dressage shows will also be coming soon,” Tice added. “They will still be schooling shows.”

Tice said in the future she hopes to add clinics with local, national and international instructors focusing on the rider’s mind and body alignment as well as clinics featuring alternative equine therapies.

“We are still building and I finally got my arena all ready to go,” Tice explained. “We had those kinds of classes in at our Yorba Linda location and are looking forward to offering them here in the future.”

Emergency and scheduled equine transportation is a specialty for Rocking T Ranch which offers the chance to involve oneself in the wonderful sport of horses without the initial need of horse ownership.

Tice said that ranch gates are always open to visitors who schedule an appointment in advance.

“I never had to leave my property to teach at the old place but now I have to travel so having an appointment ensures that someone will be on-site to show visitors around,” Tice said.

Rocking T Ranch instructors also prepare riding school students to participate in local open and specific discipline shows held off ranch property using either ranch school horses and equipment or their own horse. Shows are selected throughout the year that will allow the riding school students to continue their pursuit of the sport of horsemanship.

“We pick certain shows, that will help students with first time showings, first time changing of discipline, so that they are not overwhelmed,” Tice said.

Rocking T Ranch, which recently relocated to Temecula from Yorba Linda is currently accepting new students interested in registering for their Spring Equestrian Riding Lessons.

To enroll at Rocking T Ranch to learn about basic riding skills or horse care and for more information on the programs available call (714) 514-5606 or visit the Rocking T Ranch website at

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