‘Rumors’ has successful opening night

The Great Oak Theatre Company has been working hard in their production of Neil Simon’s “Rumors” since the beginning of the school year. On Nov.1, the company presented the play in a special arrangement with Samuel French Inc. Creighton Morrison, Great Oak’s drama teacher directing its two acts. Starring Keith Mckay, Zoe Nichols, Eddie Hustleby, Hannah Harris, Gina Cioffi, Nicholas Hermesman, Justin Klyczek, Austin Lange, and Lydia Wong Chung, “Rumors” had a successful opening night.

In the play, Charlie Brock, Deputy Mayor of New York City, and his wife Myra celebrate their tenth anniversary. However, their first guests soon discover that Myra is missing and Charlie has shot himself in the earlobe. The guests decide they must conceal their dilemma in order to protect their high-class reputations.

Family and friends gathered to see their loved ones perform. David Sandstrom’s family explained that their son had been the Assistant Director for the production and they were very excited and proud to view the show.         

“Rumors” scored big with its audience, who enjoyed the mystery of Charlie Brock’s reasoning and were given plenty of opportunities to laugh as their dynamic cast handled the stage with ease. Jill Dillon, a fan of Neil Simon’s work, commented on the play’s soundness, saying that she enjoyed “great acting, an excellent script, and a very exciting story.” 

Others reciprocated the same feelings towards the drama. Many were especially impressed with the ability of these young actors, who proved to be dynamic and engaging, using the full breadth of the stage naturally. 

The actors themselves expressed their enjoyment in the work, saying that they loved the atmosphere and appreciated working with peers from different grade levels. 

Eddie Hustleby and Nicholas Hermesman said that they “had a lot of fun rehearsing with fellow cast members who were easy going, laid back, and accustomed to joking around.” 

Austin Lange exclaimed that this was his “first performance, and his best performance.” He enjoyed much encouragement from his fellow performers and was ecstatic about his involvement.

With its excellent character quirks, cast, and plot, “Rumors” yielded to an opening night of success and laughter. The Great Oak Theatre Company hopes to continue its success in future plays. For more information about Great Oak’s Theatre Department, visit gotc.webs.com.

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