Start off the new year with a visit to Temecula Valley Wine Country

Those who enjoy sipping from a bottle of red, white or blush wine but find that a trip to the Bordeaux region of France simply isn’t in the cards right now needn’t give up their desires to visit a winery or vineyard. Wineries and fully functioning vineyards dot the landscape of Temecula Valley’s Wine Country and are open to all.

With more than 40 wineries, Temecula Valley Wine Country has a wide variety of offerings from virtually every region of the world, each designed to please even the most sensitive of palates.

Visiting any one of Temecula Valley’s wineries or vineyards can be educational and fun. Most offer wine tours which can be entertaining as visitors are able to choose their own tasting adventure depending on their level of interest in wine, their budget and what they would like to get out of the experience. Some local wineries and vineyards offer extensive tours of the harvesting and production aspects of wine-making. Others will give visitors a chance to mingle among wine barrels and witness the fermentation process.

For wine tours, check out South Coast Winery Resort at, Wilson Creek Winery and Vineyards at and Mount Palomar Winery at, among many others.

While in wine country, don’t forget about the boutique wineries located on the DePortola Wine Trail. Gershon Bachus Vinters,, Oak Mountain Winery, and Cougar Vineyard and Winery,, are just a few of the many wineries located in this picturesque section of Temecula Valley Wine Country.

In regions such as the Temecula Valley where there are many wineries and vineyards in close proximity to one another, guided tours are available, or wine aficionados can easily explore areas on their own. For tours of wine country, be sure to check out Grapeline Wine Tours at, Executive VIP Wine Tours at or the Winery Hopper at

According to viniculture experts from Professional Friends of Wine, grapevines are fairly adaptable plants that can thrive in a variety of soil types and temperatures. Soil, sun exposure, drainage and topography all play roles in how the grapes will ripen and taste, giving Temecula Valley wines an amazing taste all their own.

The chance to support a local business is another great reason to make a trip to any number of Temecula Valley Wine Country’s wineries. Most produce their wine and sell it close to home so by supporting small business, oenophiles can contribute to the success and the diversity of offerings right here in their own backyard.

Wine tastings are an enjoyable recreational pursuit. Remember to drink responsibly, to join the mailing lists of Temecula Valley wineries and vineyards and to take advantage of wine club memberships to learn more about tasting events and food pairings.

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