Summertime means fun events at Falkner Winery

Falkner Winery is located at 40620 Calle Contento in Temecula. Shane Gibson photo
Falkner Winery is located at 40620 Calle Contento in Temecula. Shane Gibson photo

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With summer fast approaching and sunny days becoming more present, Falkner Winery is the place to be. Falkner Winery can be found near the crest of a 1,500-foot hill in Temecula. Its location allows visitors to enjoy a breathtaking view of the valley below. Falkner Winery was established in July 1, 2000, and has become incredibly popular and successful over the course of 17 years. The winery offers award-winning wines, delicious Mediterranean cuisine, beautiful wedding venues and exclusive wine tours.

At Falkner Winery, expect to drink high-quality, award-winning wines that can be found in restaurants in California and Arizona. The winery “prides itself on producing top quality, award winning Temecula wine.” Falkner Winery specializes in producing blended wines, and their consistent style is notable in their red wines, which they age for a period of three years before making them available to the public. Winemaker Duncan Williams has a “food-friendly, soft” style that makes Falkner Winery’s wines unique and easy to drink. Not only are they enjoyable, but they are also made to compliment food well for an overall delicious experience.

Falkner Winery hand-crafts their wines, which gives them an extraordinary taste. Throughout the years, the winery has received a number of awards from wine competitions including the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition and the California State Fair Competition. They have also received a “90” rating for their chardonnay from Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

Along with their award-winning wines, Falkner Winery also has an award-winning restaurant in the heart of Temecula wine country, the Pinnacle. The Pinnacle was completed in September 2006 and took four years to plan and construct. The restaurant offers Mediterranean-style food and is dedicated to producing healthy food made by new executive chef Jason Barradas. Barradas was trained at the California Culinary Academy “Le Cordon Blue” in San Francisco and was the former sous chef at the Pinnacle.

One notable thing at the Pinnacle is the new menu for spring and summer. According to the Falkner Winery, “Eating great healthy food and having a wonderful time mark the theme of the new spring/summer menu at the Pinnacle Restaurant at Falkner Winery.” This change came about in April when the Pinnacle added more items to the menu which is “consistent with the Mediterranean diet” and includes the use of “more olive oils, fruits, nuts, seafood and wine.”

The restaurant is located on a hilltop which offers beautiful panoramic views of the winery and its surroundings. Guests can choose to either sit indoors or enjoy the open-air balcony outdoors. The Pinnacle offers lunch throughout the week but is closed in the evenings for reservations or events. The Pinnacle was awarded “Best Restaurant in Inland Empire” due to its high-quality service, food and wines.

Falkner Winery is also known as “the No. 1 wedding venue in the Temecula Valley,” and guests have the option of choosing between two wedding packages; the Pinnacle or the garden package. The winery is the perfect place to celebrate a wedding with its variety in landscape and different ceremony sites. Couples can choose between exchanging vows in an outdoor shaded garden surrounded by “beautiful views of the vineyards, scenic mountains and gorgeous sunsets” or have a vineyard ceremony surrounded by “white roses, cypress trees and jasmine archways.” Either way, both options result in beautiful and memorable wedding at the Falkner Winery.

The winery is the perfect place to unwind and have a great time with friends and family. The winery offers daily tours of the vineyard which last approximately an hour. Guests can choose from several tour options listed on their website, including exclusive, classic, enhanced, premium and VIP tours. Falkner Winery also has a monthly Wine Appreciation Class, which takes place every third Saturday of the month. At the class, “individuals can expect to learn about wine tasting, wine production, wine and food pairing, and wine quality determination.” Aside from these events, many more can be found throughout the month at Falkner Winery such as “Sunday Funday” which restarted April 9 and includes free games and barbecue offerings. Sunday Fundays happen every Sunday from noon to 3 p.m. It is a great way to spend the afternoon relaxing before the beginning of a new week.

Falkner Winery has so much to offer and without a doubt is the place to spend an exciting time. Whether guests love their delicious Mediterranean cuisine or prefer drinking their hand-crafted wines, there is something for everyone at Falkner Winery.

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