TEMECULA: Who’s coming to Reality Rally in April? Full list of reality television stars, here

Watch the line up to see which Star you can come and meet…

Come to the Wilson Creek Winery’s Celebrity Casino Night… $25 per ticket

Abba Abbattista The Amazing Race Donate
Al Rios The Amazing Race Donate
Alec Beall Big Brother Canada 1 Donate
Alex Manard The Amazing Race Donate
Chef Amanda Colello Hell’s Kitchen Donate
Amanda Kaye Naked and Afraid Donate
Chef Anthony Rodriguez Hell’s Kitchen Donate
Aneal Ramkissoon Big Brother Canada 1 Donate
Antoine Burton Capture Donate
Arlie Shaban Big Brother Canada 2 Donate
Ashleigh Wood Big Brother Canada 3 Donate
Chef Ashley Sherman Hell’s Kitchen Donate
Barby Ingle Extreme Time Cheaters Donate
Chef Barret Beyer Hell’s Kitchen, Cutthroat Kitchen, Kitchen Casino & Midnight Feast Donate
Becky Burgess Big Brother 17 Donate
Bergen Olson The Amazing Race Donate
Bob Crowley Survivor Gabon Donate
Brad Bohannan Bar Rescue & Back To The Bar Donate
Brittnee Blair Big Brother Canada 3 Donate
Bruce Kanegai Survivor Panama Donate
Bruno Ielo Big Brother Canada 3 Donate
Carolyn Rivera Survivor Worlds Apart Donate
Chopper the Biker Dog America’s Got Talent Donate
Chris Wallace Capture Donate
Christina Scoleri Mob Wives Chicago Donate
Christine Brecht Big Brother 16 Donate
Cristina Coria Survivor Cook Island Donate
Dale Wentworth Survivor Blood vs Water Donate
Dan Foley Survivor Worlds Apart Donate
Danielle Reyes Big Brother 3 & 7 Donate
Chef Dara Yu MasterChef Junior Donate
David Olsen Beauty and the Geek Donate
Deana Housteau The Amazing Race Donate
Denise Williams The Amazing Race Donate
Dennis Luciani Average Joe Donate
Diana Bishop The Amazing Race Donate
Donny Thompson Big Brother 16 Donate
Chef Eddie Canlon Chopped Donate
EJ “Skullcrusher” Snyder Naked and Afraid 1, 2 & XL Donate
Elvis Strange Bullrun Donate
Chef Frank Bilotti Hell’s Kitchen Donate
Gillian Larson Survivor Gabon Donate
Heather Decksheimer Big Brother Canada 2 Donate
Hollywood Gene The Glass House Donate
Jackie Ibarra The Amazing Race & Big Brother 17 Donate
Jackson Carter The Biggest Loser Donate
James Swift Utopia USA Donate
James Wallington Capture Donate
Jason Roy Big Brother 17 Donate
Jason Szabo Naked and Afraid Donate
Jeremiah Morey Utopia USA Donate
Jerry Garrison The OCD Project Donate
Jimmy T Tarantino Survivor Nicaragua Donate
Joey Buttitta The Amazing Race Donate
John McGuire Big Brother 17 Donate
Johnny Colatruglio Big Brother Canada 3  Donate
Jon Pardy Big Brother Canada 2 Donate
Jordan Parhar Big Brother Canada 3 Donate
Justin Scheman The Amazing Race Donate
Kelley Wentworth Survivor Cambodia & Blood vs Water Donate
Kelly Alemi The Swan Donate
Kelsey Gerckens The Amazing Race Donate
Ken Taylor Extreme Time Cheaters Donate
Kendra Guffey Pirate Master Donate
Chef Kevin Des Chenes Chef Wanted Donate
Kevin Martin Big Brother Canada 3 Donate
Krista DeBono The Amazing Race Donate
Lance Zeno NFL Donate
Laura Pierson The Amazing Race Donate
Laura Thompson-Nelson Naked and Afraid & Tethered Donate
Liz Young The Biggest Loser  Donate
Liza Stinton Big Brother Canada 1 Donate
Luke Pytlik Naked and Afraid Donate
Mark Pinhasovich The Biggest Loser Donate
Mat Levy I Love New York & I Love Money Donate
McCrae Olson Big Brother 15 Donate
Meg Maley Big Brother 17 Donate
Michelle Costa Big Brother 10 Donate
Mike Holloway Survivor Worlds Apart Donate
Murtz Jaffer Reality Obsessed Donate
Naeha Sareen Big Brother Canada 3 Donate
Neda Kalantar Big Brother Canada 2 Donate
Nina Acosta Survivor One World Donate
Nina Poersch Survivor Worlds Apart Donate
Pam Geil The Biggest Loser Donate
Peter Brown Big Brother Canada 1 Donate
Pili Nemer Big Brother Canada 3 Donate
Randy Bailey Survivor Gabon & Heroes vs Villains Donate
Chef Rich Mancini Hell’s Kitchen, Chef Wanted & Cutthroat Kitchen Donate
Richard Hatch Survivor, Celebrity Apprentice & The Biggest Loser Donate
Chef Roshni Gurnani Hell’s Kitchen & Chopped Donate
Ryan Allen Carrillo David Tutera’s: CELEBrations & Expedition Impossible Donate
Sarah Hanlon Big Brother Canada 3 Donate
Sarah Miller Big Brother Canada 2 Donate
Scout Cloud Lee Survivor Vanuatu Donate
Sheila Kennedy Big Brother 9 Donate
Sindy Nguyen Big Brother Canada 3 Donate
Spencer Clawson Big Brother 15 Donate
Chef Stephen Lee MasterChef Donate
Chef Steve Cazel Cutthroat Kitchen Donate
Steve Smith Bar Rescue & Back to the Bar Donate
Suzette Amaya Big Brother Canada 1 & Back in the Day Donate
Tiffany Torres The Amazing Race Donate
Tom Plant Supermarket Superstar Donate
Trish Hegarty Survivor Cagayan Donate
Chef Troy Glass MasterChef Junior & Food Fighters Donate
Will Jardell America’s Next Top Model Donate
Chef Xiomara Hall Supermarket Superstar Donate

3 Responses to "TEMECULA: Who’s coming to Reality Rally in April? Full list of reality television stars, here"

  1. Joe M. Ama   March 16, 2016 at 8:52 am

    Who are these people? I have a life so none of these people really matter to me.

  2. Gillian   March 17, 2016 at 5:14 pm

    These people do matter to me because as unknown as they are in many circles they all raise much needed money to help support those fighting breast cancer through Michelle’s Place services.

  3. John Q   March 17, 2016 at 7:41 pm

    Just a collection of fun people who are all graciously raising funds for a Breast Cancer Resource Center…Enjoy your life 😉


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