The Dustbowl Revival to bring musical awakening to Temecula fans

The Dustbowl Revival, performing at the Old Town Temecula Theater Jan. 5, has been making a name for itself with a vibrant mix of vintage Americana sounds. Courtesy photo

There are certain kinds of music that listeners can’t help tapping their toes to and the “soul drenched, dance floor ready” sound of The Dustbowl Revival is one of those sounds. For those lucky enough to land a ticket to the Friday, Jan. 5, performance of this legendary band, toe tapping is only the beginning.

Called a “meld genres – folk, bluegrass, Dixieland jazz, New Orleans swing and a little bit of gospel – into a modern take on roots music,” by LA Weekly, The Dustbowl Revival will deliver it’s bold, new sound to concertgoers at the Old Town Temecula Theater during their one-night-only performance.

Vocalist Liz Beebe said that those in attendance can expect to sing, dance and just have a great time.

“We always aim to connect with people on a personal level,” she said. “Music is such a great tool to release stress, spread joy, access parts of ourselves that maybe we don’t always allow ourselves to access and create community almost instantly.”

The Dustbowl Revival has been making a name for itself with a vibrant mix of vintage Americana sounds. Critics have proclaimed that this eclectic eight-piece “would have sounded utterly at home within the hallowed confines of Preservation Hall in New Orleans’ French Quarter” according to the Los Angeles Times.

Rob Sheffield, in Rolling Stone, hailed them as a great band “whose Americana swing was so fun I went back to see them again the next day.”

Music from The Dustbowl Revival’s new, self-titled album, “The Dustbowl Revival,” is sure to be a hit with concertgoers, according to Beebe who said the thought process for the album, which was released June 16, was simply, crafting good songs.

“The execution of this was exciting and new for us,” she said. “We spent the better part of December 2016 in the rehearsal studio with our producer of the album Ted Hutt, constructing, deconstructing and re-constructing the songs. Ted was very generous with his time and it’s the first album that was created in such a collaborative manner between the eight of us musicians and a producer. It produced an album that we feel is hard hitting, honest, authentic and a true example of our sound as an eight piece.”

Their exhilarating new sound jumps out on the album’s opening tracks, “Call My Name” and “If You Could See Me Now.” Drummer Joshlyn Heffernan and bassist James Klopfleisch lay down a righteous groove that trumpeter Matt Rubin and trombonist Ulf Bjorlin supercharge with their big blasts of horns. This Stax Records-style soul builds to a pair of showstoppers: “Good Egg” and “The Story.”

On “The Story,” Beebe, along with her sexy, full-throttled vocals, teams with band founder Zach Lupetin for an emotionally charged love song that features some infectious interplay between the horn players and the string-men – mandolinist Daniel Mark and fiddler Connor Vance.

While “The Story” really showcases her vocal abilities, it’s the song “Debtors Prison,” that Beebe said ranks highest on her list of favorites.

“Zach wrote it about the current state of our country and how people are struggling to make ends meet right now,” she said. “The song is in the form of a story about two people who lose everything but each other. I can relate to that story, and I think a lot of our fans can as well. I enjoy performing it, not only because I’m proud of the playing and construction of that song but because connecting with our audience members is my main goal each show. Emotionally charged, honest songs like ‘Debtors’ Prison’ are one of the best ways to do that.”

Beebe said she and bandmates are excited about playing in Temecula since the band doesn’t get to play south of Los Angeles very often.

“We do San Diego two or three times a year, but we are really looking forward to coming to Temecula and getting to know the community,” she said.

See The Dustbowl Revival at the Old Town Temecula Theater, 42051 Main St., in Temecula, 8 p.m. Friday, Jan. 5. Tickets are on sale now at

To learn more about The Dustbowl Revival, visit them online at

“If you can’t wait until the show, you can check out our website to listen to music and also head over to our YouTube page to check out hundreds of videos to tide you over,” Beebe said.

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