Tim Cash missed Woodstock, but snares Temecula lass with tunes

The love of music has brought together longtime Temecula resident Linda McDonald a landscape designer and professional musician Tim Cash who plays guitar, bass and is a singer.

The couple met about five years ago at Patricks II in the Gaslamp district in San Diego where McDonald went to see Cash and band perform.

They were married in Las Vegas last August.

McDonald is currently attending Mira Costa College to pursue her certificate in landscape architecture. She was previously a real estate agent in the Temecula valley from 2001 to 2006.

She has a daughter, Sara, who lives in Temecula.

Cash, a full-time musician, is a native of San Diego. He has been in the music industry since he was a teenager, well over 40 years, and has crisscrossed the country playing in rock and roll bands from Alaska to New Orleans where he picked up his love for Zydeco music.

Cash has played the Fillmore West, Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco and has had jazz groups and blues bands in Los Angeles and San Diego.

For the last 12 years Cash has played in a zydeco band called The Bayou Brothers based in San Diego. 

Other members in the Bayou Brothers are John Chambers on vocals and accordion, Ric Lee, drummer and Cash on bass, guitar and vocals.

Cash with his band the Bayou Brothers have played at various venues in San Diego such as The Belly Up Tavern, House of Blues, Humphreys by the Bay and the The Bullpen Bar & Grill.

Zydeco music comes from bayou country in South Louisiana and is a blend of the blues, rock and roll and Cajun music, music that is typically sung by French creole people in the Louisiana area.

The instruments used in Cajun music usually consist of accordions, a rub –board, guitar, drums and bass. Some of the best Cajun zydeco music, country and blues is played annually at the Gator by the Bay festival held Mothers Day weekend in San Diego.

Cash has played all genres from rock and roll, jazz, psychedelic, disco, blues, country and zydeco music.

He played with the Bobby Lee Sorenson country band for eight years in the 1980’s performing at the legendary Palomino club in Los Angeles.

In the 1960’s, Tim and his band The Nomads had signed with Capital Records but the band was dropped when The Beatles hit the music scene.

Cash and his band were almost involved in a pivotal moment in rock and roll history.

They were scheduled to play at the Woodstock Festival in 1969 in Bethel, New York. The name of the band was Anonymous Artists of America.

Unfortunately, the bus they were driving broke down in Springfield, Ohio and they missed out on their chance to make a little bit of music history.

In the past Tim and his band have opened for George Benson, The Doobie Bros., Journey, Santana, Ohio Players, Graham Central Station, Albert Collins and The Drifters.

Cash and his band have recently played at  local venues the Temecula Valley Cheese Company, Ruby Tuesdays, Lucille’s BBQ, Keyways Winery, Pala Casino and Rodrigo’s Mexican restaurant.

Cash is available as a single or a duo or his zydeco band is available for parties and special events. For more information, contact Cash at (619) 677-4872.

4 Responses to "Tim Cash missed Woodstock, but snares Temecula lass with tunes"

  1. Mike Fullerton   April 17, 2010 at 12:51 am

    Tim is fantastic! Ya gotta go and see him, trust me!

  2. Stance of Boulder   April 18, 2010 at 7:56 pm

    Tim is still kickin it? God love a man with staying power. You kick ass! I remember Red Callender playin stand up bass in the living room of the pool house in Del Mar. Or was that a dream?

  3. Frank Salazar   October 11, 2010 at 3:56 am

    Hi Tim,
    It’s me, Frank in Germany give me a call or email I’ve let my info on your answering machine.


  4. Maya   May 22, 2011 at 5:52 am

    Hi Timothy Lee !
    Hey I might be in Cali around the middle of September, so maybe we can get together and round up some of our other musician friends and have a jam somewhere.

    Let me know where your playing between now and then, and I’ll make sure to come out and see ya.
    BTW, I’ve been in contact with "trixie" not many of the AAA left
    Lynn, is gone Richard, Lars of course & Charlie.
    Just her and Norman and you and I left.

    She sent me a nice band picture of when I started with them in 67′
    with the whole band really nice to see I still picture them all the same way they looked then.

    Alright then, Timo TTYL, Frankie Salazar


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