Bookhamer, Vigliotti win first-place ribbons in SD County Fair’s homemade wine contest

The class winners in the San Diego County Fair’s homemade wine contest included Temecula residents Bart Bookhamer and John Vigliotti.

Bookhamer took first place in the Merlot class.  Vigliotti entered a bottle which received first place for Carignane wines.

Since 2011 the fair has provided both head-to-head place awards and gold, silver, and bronze medals based on the Davis 20-point scale.  Bookhamer’s Merlot also earned a gold medal while Vigliotti received a silver medal for his Carignane.

Jacquie Shallow did not receive any place awards but won two silver medals:  one for a bottle submitted in the Zinfandel/Primitivo category and one for an entry in the Other Red Varietal class.  

Three other Temecula residents also won silver medals:  Don Cartwright entered in the Other Red Varietal class, Tommy Taylor took home a medal for a Merlot submission, and Erick Erno met silver medal standards with a Blended Red Bordeaux bottle.

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