Temecula marches with millions against Monsanto

On Saturday, May 24 Temecula once again joined the global day of protest against Monsanto, voted to be the world’s most evil corporation by a 53 percent margin.

Label GMO activists gathered at the Temecula Duck Pond to march through to Old Town’s City Hall plaza in an effort to drive home the message about Monsanto to tourists with flyers.

The crowd was upbeat and passionate, made up of various age demographics, but as with crowds around the world it was the children who stole your heart with their participation in perfect weather.

Cars rolled by and horns honked as drivers who are familiar with this end-of-times food fight taking place in public view showed support. This growing support recently shown by states Hawaii and Vermont are both now being sued by Monsanto. Monsanto successively sued Mexico, forcing the country to allow high fructose corn syrup [GMO] Coke sold to their population.

These same day protests were also staged in Orange County, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Van Nuys, Las Vegas, Seattle, Sydney and South Africa, among countless other locations. Putin’s Russia has banned any American food products/grains because of GMOs while the Obama Administration is responsible for Michael Taylor’s substantial input.

Many other ex-Monsanto shills were planted as government seeds long before our present president, unfortunately.

With Saturday’s turnout, even the mainstream media blackout cannot stop the growing public resistance through awareness about the manipulation by the company whose products lay at the heart of 95 percent of today’s health ailments.

It is easy to see why “conspiracy theorists” and activists love to hate America’s Equal Opportunity Enemy, Monsanto. They’re better than you and me. They’re better than God. Just ask them about food.

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  1. Pheyton   June 22, 2014 at 2:51 pm

    Good on you for reporting this. Nowhere in the mainstream media is Monsanto being talked about. Why is that? They are suing a state, Vermont. You would think that would be big news, but try finding anywhere other than left wing websites.

    You would be very surprised to read or watch programming from other countries. Lots of countries are beginning to reject American food products because of GMO even China! And yet you will hear none of this on American media.


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