LifeStream holding 2 blood drives

TEMECULA – LifeStream is holding a blood drive on Friday, April 24 from 3 to 8 p.m. at the Temeku Cinemas at 26463 Ynez Rd., in Temecula. Donors will receive two free movie tickets courtesy of the Temeku Cinemas. A second blood drive will be on Saturday, April 25 from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. […]

Protein an ally to women looking to get healthy

Protein an ally to women looking to get healthy

While protein is used to build and repair muscle tissue and promote neurological function, it also can encourage fat loss, deliver essential nutrients and improve metabolic activity. Because protein can increase satiety better than some other foods, it also can be a good way to curb cravings and help cut out some extra calories. Although […]

Fitness tips for busy moms

Fitness tips for busy moms

  Working mothers have a lot on their plates. In addition to the responsibilities that come with raising a family, working moms also must focus on their careers. Many mothers find that managing such hectic balancing acts leaves little time for physical fitness. But there are ways for working moms to stay physically fit even […]

The many ways buying locally grown foods pays dividends

The many ways buying locally grown foods pays dividends

TEMECULA – The popularity of organic foods and stores that cater to customers who prefer such foods continues to grow, and that growth has contributed to a growing awareness among shoppers of where the food they eat comes from. Many consumers now recognize the impact that food production has on the environment, and that recognition […]

Professional counselors have a great deal to offer

American Counseling Association Special to the Valley News Yes, the month of April is more than spring showers and blooming flowers. It’s also Counseling Awareness Month. Okay, not that exciting, but still a great time to learn more about professional counselors and the services they provide. Did you know that professional counselors will have earned […]

Make Easter eggs last

Families gather on Easter to participate in many different traditions that have been passed down through time. One such tradition is coloring Easter eggs. Millions of eggs are harvested and sold this time of year to be included in Easter festivities. However, soon after egg hunts have been completed and family dinners are brought to […]

Easy ways to get more youthful-looking skin

Few people would pass up the opportunity to look younger. But men and women who want to look a little more like their younger selves without resorting to surgery can still have younger, healthier-looking skin without going under the knife. The following are a handful of natural ways to keep skin vibrant and youthful. Quit […]

Riverside health official: No reports of shigellosis yet

RIVERSIDE  – A drug-resistant illness that’s infected several hundred people throughout the United States, including California, has yet to surface in Riverside County, a Department of Public Health official said today. According to federal health authorities, a severe strain of the intestinal virus shigellosis has raised concerns in recent months because antibiotics have not proved effective combating it. The […]

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