Festival recognizes life-saving volunteer at recent meeting

TEMECULA – The chatter on the final day of most of the 29 Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festivals is all about the attendance, how to improve the event, or what will be new the following year. But at the 2012 festival, volunteers, board members and staff continued to ask one thing: “How is Jackson?”

A guest of visiting media, Jackson Perdue, was walking to his campsite when he felt ill. As luck would have it, Ralph Rodriguez, a festival volunteer, was heading down the dirt road on his golf cart and gave the man a ride.

Perdue suddenly slumped over, experiencing a sudden massive heart attack. Quickly acting, Rodriguez and Perdue’s girlfriend Lisa Penhart administered CPR while awaiting the EMTs.

It was this action that saved Perdue’s life, as both doctors and EMTs said most individual’s suffering such an episode would not survive. It was the instant action that saved Perdue.

At the recent Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival’s sponsor appreciation dinner,  Jackson Perdue got to reunite with the man who helped save his life and the festival presented Rodriquez with the first ever “People Saving People” award from the festival.

The 2013 Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival is May 31, June 1 and June 2. Watch

www.tvbwf.com for information on the event.

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