Hemet Valley Medical Center seeks to obtain Primary Stroke Center certification

Hemet Valley Medical Center recently announced it is moving aggressively to obtaining Certification as a Primary Stroke Center.

In the United States, a stroke can occur almost every 40 seconds. For every stroke death, almost five additional individuals will survive and may be challenged with the physical challenges that can occur.

“For each minute a stroke is untreated and blood flow to the brain is blocked, thousands of brain cells die. This can lead to slurred speech, sudden numbness in an arm or leg, confusion, sudden trouble seeing and/or falling. During the time when a stroke is occurring, early diagnosis and intervention is essential,” a HVMC press release reports.

The standards for becoming a Certified Stroke receiving center originate from the Brain Attack Coalition and the American Heart Association. These standards support a full spectrum approach to stroke care; early diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, patient /family education, and measuring/ reviewing patient outcomes.

HVMC is committed to provide this needed service to our community. Stroke is one of the medical conditions in which time is precious and the earlier interventions can occur the better the overall outcome. HVMC will be seeking this exciting new certification this Fall. Stay tune for more information on this exciting new program

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