Kettlebell Health and Fitness Challenge

The #1 New Year’s resolution is getting in shape/losing weight and at gyms, fitness centers and boot camps everywhere, men and women are getting a start on those resolutions. There are many options; here is just one.

At the Valley’s only kettlebell gym, Cutting Edge Kettlebells, a new fitness challenge is already underway and began Monday, January 6.

The challenge, which lasts just eight weeks, incorporates kettlebell training with a comprehensive nutrition program to allow challengers to work out at home with minimal equipment and lose up to 25 pounds during the challenge period. The challenge is appropriate for all ages and fitness levels including beginners who have never used a kettlebell before.

“The challengers complete their first two weeks of workouts at our gym under the expert instruction of RKC Certified Kettlebell Instructor, Louie Towkaniuk, before they progress to working out with their own bells at home” says Program Director Jennifer Warnock. “It is kind of like the Biggest Loser. They come to our ranch for the first two weeks to learn how to eat and work out, and then go home to apply what they have learned for the final 6 weeks.”

The challengers receive daily emails that include video instruction for their workout and access to an online exercise index with instructional videos for over 70 different kettlebell lifts and movements. If the challengers are still unsure of how to perform an exercise, they have access to unlimited email, text and phone support. “We want our challengers to succeed. We give them all the tools, and then it’s up to them to use them. Everyone who followed the 8-week plan lost inches and had fantastic results,” says Warnock.

The last challenge offered by Cutting Edge Kettlebells had many success stories. A stay at home mom of 5 lost 15 pounds, 7% body fat and 19 inches in just 8 weeks. “She did not have time to come to the gym due to the busy schedules of her 4 boys and 6 month old baby girl,” says Warnock. “The online workouts fit into her crazy schedule and allowed her to work out in the pockets of her life.”

A bride-to-be lost 24 pounds, 11% body fat, and 17 inches from her 5-foot 4-inch frame. Working two jobs kept her from working out at a gym and had her eating on the go. The flexibility of the online workouts and meal plans provided by Cutting Edge Kettlebells enabled her to lose weight and inches easily, even while eating out.

The challenge is not just for women. The average weight loss for men in the last 8-week challenge was 12 pounds with six pounds of muscle gained. “The men’s meal plan is a bit different from the women’s since the men need more food. The workouts, however, are the same due to the scalability of the kettlebell workouts. We all do the same workout, some just do them faster or with heavier weights,” says Warnock.

There are many ways to attack your New Year’s fitness resolutions; but it doesn’t have to take a lot of time, equipment or training. Best of health from Valley News!

Cutting Edge Kettlebells (951-473-5159) is located in Murrieta at 38415 Innovation Court, Suite K and is open Monday through Saturday. Program Director Jennifer Warnock can be contacted at (951) 473-5159.

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