Weight management program proves effective

TEMECULA – Dr. Luc Fontaine is helping his patients achieve their ultimate weight loss goals by providing a solution to men and women who are experiencing difficulties in their challenge. High blood pressure, diabetes, joint and muscle problems are only a few of the conditions caused by excess weight.

Unlike most weight loss programs where one size fits all, Dr. Fontaine offers a medically supervised program tailored to fit each client’s individual needs, taking into account their previous weight loss attempts as well as their medical and behavioral histories.

His weight management program was established as a much needed alternative to starvation dieting, herbal therapies, or the necessity of buying expensive pre-packaged food. His personalized plan of action jump-starts the momentum by utilizing the latest in prescriptive appetite suppressants which have been found to be very successful.

Dr. Fontaine extends an open invitation to all to stop by at 41540 Winchester Road, Suite C, Temecula or call for additional information at (951)296-1487.

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