Youth inspired by Rady Children’s; bake sale to benefit hospital

Hospitals can be scary, cold places for children. When three friends – Kennedy Cornwell, Abby LaRue and Megan Fitzpatrick – visited a sick friend in the hospital recently, they were reminded of how it felt to be there.

The staff at Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego has helped them and others feel safe and cared for during difficult circumstances in the past.

The trio has thought about giving back to Rady Children’s Hospital before – last summer they raised around $40 sweeping driveways to donate. Now, with goal of fundraising refreshed in their hearts, this group of 7th grade girls who call their organization “KAM” (which stands for Kennedy, Abby and Megan) have hopes of raising funds


This Saturday, March 15 will be the launch of this endeavor. The girls, with help from family and friends, will be holding a Bake Sale Fundraiser in their front yard on Camino Rubi St. in Red Hawk from 8 to 11 a.m.

Coffee, hot cocoa and homemade, baked goods will be available for a nominal donation. All proceeds will go directly to Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego.

“Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego has long believed that caring for a sick child goes beyond excellent medical care. The atmosphere or environment surrounding children and their families is also vitally important to both physical and mental health. Rady Children’s has worked hard to develop and expand the use of innovative healing strategies that focus on emotions and the environment,” states the hospital’s website, “We seek to comfort patients and families and allay their fears through our Healing Arts Program (music, art and storytelling), child-friendly facilities, art on display, and peaceful and whimsical gardens.”

“We have combined all that we know about children and their needs with the growing body of knowledge about the interaction of people and places: the impact of light and color, of texture and tone, of sounds and symbols. We turned to the arts, as well as to the sciences, to help our children heal,” the website notes.

A healing environment is what the young trio “KAM” wants to see continued.

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