Using organic pest control in the garden

Using organic pest control in the garden

Hello fellow gardeners! I thought this would be a good time to discuss “problems” we might incur in the garden, either now or soon. After putting in all the hard work that we do, we certainly don’t like to watch it all disappear due to pests, and since I’m against using toxins in the environment […]

Objects and ornamentation can embellish your garden

Objects and ornamentation can embellish your garden

Hello neighbors and fellow gardeners. I hope you’re managing to survive this early heat wave, along with your garden, of course. Just remember, what goes for you, hydration and shade, works for the garden too. Now onto the topic of this week, which is objects and ornamentation. What exactly am I referring to here? All […]

Garage organization 101

Garages are coveted by homeowners across the country, offering a space to park a car and protect it from the elements. But many people do not park a car in their garage, only to find the garage become a home to clutter. Garages tend to become the official catch-all of a home. When an item […]

How to locate and prevent plumbing leaks

Tony Falco Special to the Valley News Did you know that in Southern California the number one cause for water loss claims are plumbing related leaks, causing over $10,000 worth of damages? You may be thinking what do you mean plumbing leaks? Isn’t water just there when I need it, there’s such a thing as […]

It’s time to get organized

  Did you know that it’s possible to have a neat house, happy kids and calm parents all at the same time?  Did you know that you can get organized without having to get rid of everything?  Did you know that you can get rid of all those floating scraps of paper? Deniece Schofield, author […]

Tips for garden survival in the summer’s heat

Tips for garden survival in the summer’s heat

Hello neighbors and fellow gardeners! After my article last week on what’s coming up for us as far as water in the garden goes, I thought it might be a good idea to give you some tips and strategies this week on how to help your garden survive through the summer heat. First, as I’m […]

Maintaining bird feeders and bird baths essential to avian health

Bird watching is a pastime enjoyed by people of all ages. While many people trek into the woods to see their favorite birds, homeowners can take steps to entice these fascinating and feathered friends right to their backyards. Homeowners who want to attract birds to their properties can do so by providing the birds food, […]

Gardening pointers for novices

People have many reasons for growing gardens, and some of the most popular gardens are plots designated for cultivating herbs and vegetables. Fresh produce at the ready is a great benefit of having a home garden, which also allows homeowners to exercise full control over which products to use to grow robust, healthy vegetables. Novice […]

Temecula Valley Rose Society to hold meeting

TEMECULA—The Temecula Valley Rose Society will meet on Thursday, June 18,  at 10:15 a.m. in the Community Room of the Temecula Public Library at 30600 Pauba Rd. in Temecula. Riverside County Master Gardener Bill Reid will give a presentation on raised bed vegetable gardening. The public is invited and there is no admission charge. A […]

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