Final week to enter Art of the Avocado Competition

FALLBROOK – Fallbrook Propane Gas Company, sponsor of the Art of the Avocado Competition, has announced that those interested in entering this year’s competition should register now. The competition is open to anyone of any age and is based on the avocado itself. Any artistic medium may be submitted; the only restriction is that the […]

Tread lightly with the wildflowers

In all efforts to be helpful while out with the family viewing wildflowers here’s a sample of an education program utilized by multiple public land agencies, corporations and enthusiast clubs to practice responsible recreation. Tread lightly basic principles Travel responsibly on land by staying on designated trails and area to avoid widening the trails or […]

How to get healthy soil in your garden

Hello fellow gardeners. Since spring, or is it summer, is suddenly here I thought that it might be a good idea this week to educate you a little bit “from the ground up” literally, so to speak, as “soil” is the foundation for your entire garden and everything growing in it. Let me start by […]

Growing herbs in the garden

Hello fellow gardeners! Well, like it or not, we seem to be getting spring already! Everything’s blooming around my yard, even my aloes and agaves, which are winter bloomers, everybody’s a little confused this year, and then my fruit trees are also blooming. Well, just gotta roll with Mother Nature, never know what to expect […]

Healthy & Beautiful Garden

Healthy & Beautiful Garden

Organic disease and pest control Hello fellow gardeners! I thought this would be a good time to discuss problems we might incur in the garden, either now or soon. After putting in all the hard work that we do, we certainly don’t like to watch it all disappear due to disease or pests, and since […]

Solar homes offer energy efficient solutions for today’s homebuyers

Dale Rolph III Special to Valley News If you have stopped by any local new home developments you may have noticed that many of the developers are promoting “Solar Included” as an option or upgrade. They have recognized that homes that offer energy efficient solutions are generating more traffic, producing more revenue and are selling […]

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