Temecula Valley Hospital Healing Garden dedicated

Temecula Valley Hospital Healing Garden dedicated

TEMECULA – Members of Temecula Valley Hospital’s leadership, staff and board of governors joined together to celebrate the dedication of the hospital’s healing garden. The garden was dedicated to the man who built and grew the garden, Abraham Feltus. Feltus, the man responsible for all of the hospital’s horticulture, has been a Temecula resident since […]

Rose Care FUNdamentals set up for spring blooms

The Temecula Valley is experiencing a welcome moderation of temperatures, and gardens are showing improvement. However, cooler temperatures and more humid nights provide moisture to the vegetation which can create conditions for other problems, such as powdery mildew, white fungi on leaves upper surface, and black spot, dark splotches on leaves. Roses benefit from a […]

RCWD launches new crop conversion program

TEMECULA – As local farmers begin to make plans for the upcoming growing season, the Rancho California Water District is lending a helping hand.  The District’s newly created CropSWAP program provides financial assistance for agriculture customers who convert high water use crops to lower water varieties. This will not only save water but will provide sustainable options for […]

Remodel for maximum return on investment with these top projects

Scott McGillivray Special to Valley News As a contractor and real estate expert, I am often asked by homeowners for advice on the best projects for their remodeling dollars. It’s important to first consider the purpose of the remodel. Is it for the homeowner, for resale, or as part of an income-generating suite? There are […]

Rancho California Water District restructures debt to save money

TEMECULA – In an ongoing effort to provide safe, reliable water supply at an affordable price to its customers, Rancho California Water District refinanced its fixed interest rate bonds issued in 2002 and 2008.  By taking advantage of the favorable bond market and issuing replacement debt at lower interest rates, the District expects to save […]

How often do smoke alarms need to be replaced?

How often do smoke alarms need to be replaced?

TEMECULA – How often should the smoke alarms in your home be replaced? If you don’t know, you’re not alone. A national survey conducted by the National Fire Protection Association shows that nine out of 10 Americans don’t know how often smoke alarms need to be replaced. The correct answer: every 10 years. As the official sponsor of Fire […]

Happy San Jacinto Habitat for Humanity homeowners first to burn mortgage papers

Happy San Jacinto Habitat for Humanity homeowners first to burn mortgage papers

It had been more than 15 years since Blas Arteaga, his family and a group of volunteers from Habitat for Humanity Hemet/San Jacinto picked up hammers and tools to begin construction on what was to be their home on San Jacinto’s Old 2nd Street. Blas, a local ranch hand and his wife Eloisa, moved in […]

Living Landscapes help California homeowners protect property from wildfires

Kris Kiser Outdoor Power Equipment Institute California is undergoing a brutal fire season, and sadly, reports say it’s only getting underway. Relentless drought, Santa Ana winds, and the millions of dead trees in the state killed by lack of water and bark beetle infestation combine to create a perfect storm for increased fire danger. Living […]

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