Tips, tricks and shortcuts in the garden

Tips, tricks and shortcuts in the garden

  Hello friends and fellow gardeners! This week I thought you might appreciate learning about different ways to save time, energy and money in your garden. These are in no particular order but hopefully you’ll find a few that you can start using immediately yourself, some are my own ideas, others I’ve read or been […]

Reduce pesticide pollution at home

Commercial farms are often blamed for the vast array of contaminants that find their way into water supplies and the soil itself. But home-gardening enthusiasts may also be contaminating water and soil through the use of pesticides. Data from Green-NetWorld, an environmental advocacy group, indicates Americans use approximately 2.2 billion pounds of pesticides every year. […]

Menifee plumbing business offers summer re-piping special

Tony Falco Special to the Valley News As we all know, home maintenance is not always cheap, but it is a necessity. Just as our cars need to be maintained so does our home. Accurate Leak Locators (ALL, Inc.) has a sister company, (DBA) Menifee Plumbing, Falco and Sons for those home maintenance needs. Both […]

Gardening pointers for novices

People have many reasons for growing gardens and some of the most popular gardens are plots designated for cultivating herbs and vegetables. Fresh produce at the ready is a great benefit of having a home garden, which also allows homeowners to exercise full control over which products to use to grow robust, healthy vegetables. Novice […]

Steps to make organizing easier

Deniece Schofield Special to Valley News The following 12 steps are suggested to make organizing easier: Store infrequently used objects. People tend to place things they rarely use in easily accessible spots, then complain that they have no space. Organize a room using four boxes labeled: trash, donate, belongs in another room, don’t know. Place […]

The many uses for vinegar

The many uses for vinegar

Check your kitchen pantry and you will probably find a bottle of vinegar. While this substance can add much-needed tang to favorite recipes and even improve the leavening function of some baking ingredients, its power extends far beyond the kitchen. Many are surprised upon learning how much vinegar can do. A sour-tasting liquid that contains […]

Ornamental grasses complete a garden

Ornamental grasses complete a garden

Hello fellow gardeners! This week I’d like to discuss another of my favorite groups of plants, right up there with succulents, and those are referred to as either clumping or ornamental grasses. Personally, I don’t think a garden’s complete without at least one type of clumping grass in it. I think I’ve got four or […]

Improve your yard by hiring a lawn care or landscape professional

According to a recent survey by the Harris Poll with the National Association of Landscape Professionals, 47 percent of Americans wish they could hire landscape professionals to improve their yards, and 67 percent think that professional landscape help would allow them to have a nicer yard. Most Americans think it is important to have a […]

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