Agency offers signs recognizing drought busters

PERRIS – A Riverside County water agency wants customers participating in drought-busting programs to post signs that give them credit for conservation and advertise to neighbors how they can reduce outdoor irrigation.
The Perris-based Eastern Municipal Water District began distributing “We Are Serious About the Drought” signs this week. The signs are free.
“We wanted to allow customers a way to state that they have made the commitment to reduce water usage,” said EMWD President Randy Record. “When customers let a lawn go brown or are in the middle of a turf removal project, they may receive questions from their neighbors. These signs are designed to promote the efforts made by our customers during this historic drought.”
The EMWD, which serves customers throughout a 542-square-mile area, including parts of Hemet, Menifee, Moreno Valley, San Jacinto, the Temecula Valley and Winchester, is asking ratepayers to cut water consumption by 50 percent.
Outdoor irrigation accounts for well over half of all household water use.
The EMWD is offering rebates for customers who take part in its turf removal program and convert to drought-tolerant landscaping. The water agency anticipates that more than 2 million square feet of natural lawns will be
stripped away from businesses and residences.
The first step toward removal is letting lawns go brown, according to the EMWD.
“We sincerely appreciate the efforts of our customers,” Record said. “Our customers have always stepped up and been willing to do their part to conserve water. We hope that they take advantage of this program and receive
their free lawn sign to show their commitment.”
The EMWD is under a state mandate to slash district-wide water consumption by 28 percent between now and February.
Anyone interested in obtaining a free sign was encouraged to pick one up at the EMWD main office at 2270 Trumble Road. More information is available via the agency’s public affairs office at (951) 928-3777, ext. 4378.

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  1. Poppy   August 27, 2015 at 6:57 pm

    How about one with a big red check mark and box that reads,
    “Our vote was serious for Brown” 🙂


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