Chests, trunks can be trendy, practical in the home

RIVERSIDE COUNTY – Cedar and oak chests, and even steamer trunks are appearing in more living rooms, bedrooms, and sitting areas every day.

These classic pieces provide any room with a cozy and historic feeling, as modern designs are based on the trunks and chests travelers would use for luggage during voyages both on sailing ships and horse-drawn carriages.

Though few brides-to-be sport “hope” chests as they were once referenced anymore, they still are very useful and lovely in decorating the home.

Before purchasing a new trunk or chest, it’s important to consider different designs and materials to ensure the new addition matches existing décor and design needs. The majority of people use cedar chests in bedrooms as they are perfect for storing textiles. Cedar is rot and decay resistant, but it also highly resistant to insect attack. No matter what is stored in a cedar chest, it never requires the addition of foul-smelling moth balls.

The rich cedar will naturally deter moths and keep fabrics beautiful. Plus, there is no greater feeling than pulling heavy blankets out of a cedar chest on a cool autumn evening and smelling that inviting and comforting cedar aroma.

Oak chests are durable and beautiful, and the perfect material of choice for the eclectic organizer. Often used for children’s toy chests, young women’s hope chests, and adult’s storage chests, these classic pieces are enduring.

The sturdy gentleness of solid oak brings refinement to rustic forms and adds balance to a home. Cherry chests exude luxury. As one of the most highly-sought woods for everything from cabinets to flooring, cherry creates magnificent chests. The rich wood will add warmth and comfort to any room, as well as provide an absolutely wonderful place to keep precious heirlooms.

Chests and trunks of any material can serve double duty as coffee tables, side tables, and even bed side tables. Imagine a coffee table in the family room that readily stores favorite puzzles, games, and playing cards for spur-of-the-moment family evenings. Others use chest cushions to create window seating. Pulled up under a window, this whimsical scene will allow people to lazily gaze outdoors from a picturesque perch.

Any piece that can be used for storage, tables, seats, and décor can certainly be classified as “hardworking.” This is why these trunks and chests continue to be so popular.

Whether one is looking to solve small-space design issues or to add more classic appeal to an expansive floor plan, finding classic steamer trunks, cedar chests, and oak chests is an ideal solution.

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