Discover Myrtle Creek Gardens & Nursery – Fallbrook landmark settled in the late 1800s

FALLBROOK – Myrtle Creek Gardens & Nursery offers acres of tranquil and poetic nursery grounds, gardens, a gift shop and luncheonette.

A nursery experience like no other

The moment you set foot on the awe-inspiring grounds of Myrtle Creek Gardens & Nursery nestled among historical oak forests, you will feel a sense of peace and tranquility.

Walking the grounds is a relaxing experience that calms the mind and brings you to a simpler time. Shop the treasure of vintage gifts, eat a healthy lunch, or find a garden bench and relax with a cup of


The Myrtle grounds and history

Myrtle Creek, which meanders through the grounds of this 30-acre farm, is a clear running, spring-fed stream flowing year-round.

The Landmark Fallbrook Barn, home to a few lucky farm animals, is the oldest original structure on the grounds. Its red color is derived from original settlers who treated the wood planking with a mixture of linseed oil and rust from retired farm equipment. The stunning hand-painted mural which adorns its front-face makes this barn picture-perfect.

The design of the Sherman Plantation House, which overlooks the nursery grounds, was inspired by architectural drawing of an 1840s Atlanta plantation house. The Sherman family – the current owners of Myrtle Creek Gardens & Nursery – are descendants of General William Tecumseh Sherman.

General Sherman, nicknamed “Uncle Billy” by his Union Army troops, is famous for fighting for rights and “freedom for all” in the American Civil War.

The farmhouse, circa 1899, was an original homestead in Fallbrook’s Myrtle Creek Valley. Settlers raised the barn and resided with their livestock while they constructed the Fallbrook Farmhouse.

Visit Myrtle Creek Gardens & Nursery

Browse through the Farmhouse Gift Shop with gourmet foods, artistic garden decorations, handmade ironworks, colorful floral containers, handmade jewelry, water features and fountains, woven sun hats, garden bistro sets, and much more. Open daily.


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