GRID Alternatives and Sullivan Solar Power gift family with solar energy system

RIVERSIDE – In today’s economy, it’s not uncommon to hear about the financial challenges of raising a family. After paying the mortgage, a car payment and the utility bills, saving for college tuition, a dream vacation or even retirement can seem like a distant dream.

This challenge was the case for the Ocampo family from Riverside County. As a single mother, Maria Ocampo works long hours to provide for her children. Yet, every day she must budget to pay for what is necessary and worry how she will have enough to pay for her children to attend and graduate from college, an opportunity she was never granted.

In her search to provide her family with a better life, Ocampo realized that solar energy was an option she wanted to capitalize on. The benefits of going solar would give her a sense of financial security, as she would be able to generate her own electricity while no longer being subjected to Southern California Edison’s rising utility costs.

Due to her financial situation, Ocampo was referred to GRID Alternatives, a nonprofit organization who works with families in underserved communities to provide free solar power while offering workforce training for people wanting to learn how to install solar power. Ocampo was thrilled to learn that Sullivan Solar Power, a local community partner with GRID Alternatives, would be donating the solar panels to her home and GRID volunteers would be installing the system. She could now benefit from solar energy due to this generous donation.

“My mother is so happy. My sisters will be finishing high school soon, and my mom has worried about paying for their college tuition,” Jovanny Ocampo, Maria Ocampo’s oldest son, said. “We moved to this area for a better life, and I know this solar gift will help our family a great deal.”

The one-day construction of the solar power system for the Ocampo family just wrapped up. The 2,300-watt solar power system will allow them to save $24,751 in electricity costs over the next 20 years.

“We are thrilled to have been a part of helping the Ocampo family join the solar revolution,” Daniel Sullivan, president and founder of Sullivan Solar Power, said. “Our continued partnership with GRID Alternatives allows us to positively impact and educate the community on how to move away from fossil fuels to clean energy.”

Since 2012, Sullivan Solar Power has been one of GRID Alternatives’ biggest supporters in Southern California, donating enough solar panels to provide over 50 families in underserved communities free solar power systems.

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