Healthy & Beautiful Gardens – Organic disease and pest control

Hello fellow gardeners! I thought this would be a good time to discuss problems we might incur in the garden, either now or soon. After putting in all the hard work that we do, we certainly don’t like to watch it all disappear due to disease or pests, and since I’m against toxins in the environment – I use organics when necessary – I will tell you about a few here today.

First and most importantly is to know that a healthy plant is your best defense. That means correct watering and healthy soil. The plants that usually get attacked by either fungus or pests are usually stressed due to heat, lack of water, too much water, not enough sun, etc. So always address those issues first.

There are many types of diseases that affect various plants and I can’t address them all here now, fungus is a big issue and there are many organic methods to deal with those. Roses are a big one for fungal diseases, from rust, powdery mildew to black spot, these diseases respond to several organic treatments. I use a mixture of baking soda,

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