Healthy & Beautiful Gardens – Potted plants in the landscape

Hello fellow gardeners, this week I’d like to talk about how to incorporate plants in pots into your landscape. First, let’s examine why you might want to do this. Let’s say you have plants that like well-draining soil, cactus would be a good example, and your soil is clay. Rather than re-doing the entire garden’s soil regularly, you could instead put these types of plants into clay or terra cotta pots.

Clay/terra cotta “breathes,” in other words it is porous, allowing soil to dry out quicker and thereby preventing the roots from suffocating and/or rotting as they might do in the ground or in plastic pots. Pots enable you to have plants in an area that might not otherwise be able to have plants – on a patio, for example.

You want to be sure your potting soil is correct for your plant. Again, with the example of succulents or cactus, you would be adding about 1/3 perlite, possibly

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