Healthy & Beautiful Gardens – The drought tolerant garden

Hello, fellow gardeners! This week I’d like to discuss what we call “drought tolerant” gardening and the plants that we can use to implement this.

Water isn’t getting cheaper or more plentiful, is it? In previous articles I’ve recommended “Lawn alternatives” and have recommended drought tolerant plants. Here I am going to start talking about what a drought tolerant plant is to begin with, and some that I recommend.

First, a drought tolerant plant is one that can survive drought, but that doesn’t mean it can go without water. Surviving and thriving are two different things.

Many of the drought tolerant plants we use here in Southern California come from similar areas of the world, such as the Mediterranean, Australia, South Africa and Madagascar, to name a few. The most drought tolerant plants are indigenous to the area; we’ll discuss those more in an upcoming article.

Obviously, some of the top drought tolerant plants are cactuses and succulents. I’ve discussed varieties in my previous articles here.

An important thing to know is that not all cacti and succulents can take freezing temps. This is why it’s so important to know your climate zone and the plant’s climate zone. Here in Temecula we are Zone 9a, Fallbrook is Zone 10 and Anza is Zone 8b.

Drought tolerant plants do extremely well on drip irrigation.

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