Simple ways to dress up your home for the holidays

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The holiday season is made up of traditions that focus on fun and family. Many residents are already decorating their homes with lights and other colorful decorations, bringing Christmas early to Fallbrook and the surrounding areas.

Getting decorations out and putting them up for the holidays can be time-consuming. While decking the halls may not take as much time as holiday shopping and wrapping presents, bringing the colors of the season into your home will create a festive atmosphere that can last long after the holiday itself is over.

Holiday decorating includes things as simple as setting up a menorah or as complex as stringing lights on the exterior of a home. Though elaborate displays can take hours to erect, time-crunched holiday celebrants can still create festive, welcoming displays.

Hang holiday wreaths

Holiday enthusiasts without much time to decorate can invest in a couple of holiday wreaths, which can be dressed up as much or as little as celebrants prefer. Celebrants who want to go a less traditional route can hang wreaths made of holly, citrus fruits, ribbons, or any other greenery instead of the more customary evergreen wreaths.

If you do not have the time to string lights on the house, wrap them around wreaths hung in windows or hang the wreaths on a home’s main entrance. You can also use suction cup hooks to hang strings of lights inside your home, on windows and/or mirrors.

Decorate with ornaments

Ornaments can be used for more than decorating Christmas trees. You can fill a vase, bowl or jar with metallic ornaments and place it in a prominent location, such as a busy hallway or the foyer of your home, or even on your desk at work.

Ornaments can also be hung on clear filament from the mantle or in the main window of the house, where they can reflect tree lights and add sparkle. Shadow boxes can be filled with bells, ornaments or a holiday scene and placed on mantles or tabletops to make decorating easier and faster.

Bring in more greenery

Drape evergreen boughs on staircase hand railings or on the mantle, or use greenery to frame doorways. The scent will be inviting and things instantly will look more festive. Holiday ribbons, berries, or fabric flowers can add color to the greenery.

Use throws and decorative pillows

You can change the look of a room with holiday-colored decor if you do not want to clutter the space with knickknacks. A red and green blanket draped over the sofa can give off a comforting holiday vibe. A few Christmas or winter-themed pillows will also help create a festive atmosphere.

Place LED candles in windows

Rather than contending with twinkle lights and electric cords, homeowners can employ battery-operated faux candles to create a homey appeal in windows and hallways throughout their homes.

Decorate the front windows

When I was growing up, my mom would paint a large Christmas scene on our front window (on the inside). For people who aren’t as artistic, white paint can be used to paint a snow scene with snowmen.

Simplify holiday decorating with some easy tips to make your house cozy and festive.

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